Government Investing Social Security Funds

Monday’s Wall Street Journal (April 10, 2017) carried competing opinion pieces regarding “Should the Social Security Trust Fund Be Allowed to Invest in Stocks.”  It is an interesting debate that surprisingly finds the left supporting stock market investment and the … Continue reading

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Can the Government Ever Tell the Truth

I’ve told this story before but it is worth repeating.  Last spring a census taker appeared at our door to conduct an “interim” census in order to boost federal welfare spending in our area.  It was one of those days … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin Would Approve

Having come of age during tough financial times, Millennials may turn out to be savers. A new study by Merrill Edge shows that young people 18-34 are saving for retirement earlier than previous generations. While the average Baby Boomer began … Continue reading

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Join Us At Our “After the Welfare State” Book Forum

Join Cascade Policy Institute and Atlas Economic Research Foundation as we welcome world-renowned speaker and Vice President for the Atlas Foundation Tom G. Palmer to discuss his new book, After the Welfare State. Date: May 7, 2013 Time: 7:00pm – … Continue reading

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Who’s going to pay for all this?

by Dan Lucas When we talk of the national debt or Oregon’s debt, we’re talking about money our government has already spent that will need to be paid for in the future. When we talk about Social Security, Medicare and … Continue reading

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Aging Baby Boomers Are Only a Part of the Entitlement Problem

Last weekend, reporter Russ Wiles of the Arizona Republic, authored a lengthy piece concerning entitlement spending. It was both enlightening and misleading although I am not sure the latter was by intent. In the aftermath of the sequestration – a … Continue reading

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Did you know Social Security is already in the red?

by Eric Shierman Few people do. Right before Mitt Romney made his now famous point that people own corporations, he was challenged on the need to involve Social Security in current deficit cutting solutions because, as the heckler claimed, Social … Continue reading

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Personal Health Accounts Empower Medicaid Recipients

As Michael Sherraden pointed out 20 years ago in his book Assets and the Poor: A New American Welfare Policy, the key to getting ahead is not income but assets. People play better and smarter when they have a stake … Continue reading

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Lars Larson: Social Security IS a Ponzi scheme

by Lars Larson Well, I’ve heard my latest argument about why Social Security isn’t a Ponzi scheme, and I don’t buy it. I thought Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and running for president, was absolutely bold when he announced, during … Continue reading

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Ending the Welfare State

Congress finally acted to raise the debt ceiling. It did so by forcing an agreement with President Obama that forestalled any tax increases and made a half-hearted effort to cut spending. No, not now; sometime in the future and please … Continue reading

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Tax increases, loopholes, millionaires, social security and who pays?

by Richard Leonetti The newspaper letters are full of opinions about tax increases, loopholes, social security and who should pay. Many writers do not appreciate the terms they are using. If you pay any income tax at all your household … Continue reading

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The Big Lie on Deficit Reductions

So you woke up last Friday to the news that President Obama and the Congressional leaders had agreed to pursue the “most aggressive plan” for deficit reduction – a $4 Trillion whopper. Then you’re thinking, Well Mr. Obama and his … Continue reading

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Revisiting Social Security Reform

Recently I made a comment on an OregonLive column and was accosted by someone who asked: “Aren’t you the same guy who said roll all of our Social Security dollars out and let everyone invest on their own? Yeah – … Continue reading

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