Ben Westlund’s Video: Maverick, Messiah, or Madman?

State Senator Bend Westlund has disrobed his Republican Party registration and taken on a new fashion as a registered Independent. This begs the brain trust to address some unavoidable questions. Is he a new prophet for the fast growing independent party in Oregon? Will he take more votes from Kulongoski or his GOP challenger? Will his limited lung capacity guarantee that he won’t be another windbag politician?

Before you jump to conclusions, you must first visit his video “Why I am running” presentation. A truly long and lingering, bizzarre video worthy of your attention if you are a politico-phile.

  • Steven Plunk

    I’m trying to be nice with what I say here but it’s very hard to do.

    Westlund is essentially trying to please everyone and yet not pleasing a single one of us. It’s part of being an elected representative I suppose. You try to please as many people as possible to help ensure your re-election. The result is someone who can’t seem to lead because he is leading in all directions at once. His teach kids to read, put bad guys in jail speech was given to a child because it is childish to reduce complex issues to such false simplicity.

    This “independent” label he has attached to himself is more likely a “I can’t get the republican nomination or the democratic nomination so I’m an independent” label. It goes back to leadership. If you can’t lead your party in the legislature the problem might be you, not the party. Self centered individuals would cast blame at everyone else and look to hold themselves out as seperately as some sort of altruistic icon. I see a self centered person here.

    A move like this will hurt the republicans and do nothing to solve the overblown partisanship problem. He knows who it will hurt but doesn’t care. I would call it backstabbing the people who got you to where you are at. The partisanship is a function of the modern media and the way it reports the news. Soundbites and half sentences are what we hear and read so the pols make it quick and sharp, not the way to build constructive relationships in law making. What would Westlund do? Change the modern media overnight?

    This candidacy is worthy of contempt and it certainly has mine.

  • Tim

    #1 and #3.

  • Sherman

    I like the “childish to reduce complex issues to such false simplicity.”, because you do detect a sense of elitism in Ben’s speech.

    I figure, as a candidate, if you cannot mention at least two original solutions for Oregon — then you are nothing but a talking head. The success of Westlund will be in taking on issues that have wide voter appeal but are not being pushed by either party. Such issues exists (cut PERS), but Ben ain’t going to pick it.