Newspaper reports Farm Bureau hurt by Measure 49 support

The Capital Press is reporting that the Oregon farm Bureau is facing a backlash and revenue loss due to their support of Measure 49 the property rights rollback measure. One county saw a 25% decline in members. Excerpt from article below:

When the Oregon Farm Bureau kicked off its 75th annual meeting, amidst its celebrations there were expressions of frustration on how the state Farm Bureau supported Measure 49 in the last special election. Executive members of the Farm Bureau acknowledged the stand on land use hurt the organization, but also defended why it did so. During discussion on the budget on Dec. 4, already several people expressed they are upset that the OFB board took a stand on Measure 49.

An exasperated Bud Combe of Josephine County said “it cost us millions on our ranch.” A strong majority of voters in his county had voted against for Measure 37 and against Measure 49 on land use issues. “How many times do we have to take a damn lickin’ in the state of Oregon?” he said…”We’ve had the lowest number of county Farm Bureaus make goal this year, at nine, that we’ve had since the last big dues increase in 2001 when only 8 made goal,” said Dillon.