Lars Larson on Safety at the Mall

It’s about time we talked about making the malls of America safe.

It’s amazing in this day and age as we head into the holiday season that you have to worry about whether you’re safe when you go to a shopping mall to shop for Christmas presents, and yet it’s true. You saw what happened in Nebraska.

A man walks in with a rifle and there is one key factor about that mall that makes it different from most of the places in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. While Nebraska residents are allowed to carry a concealed weapon, as most states in America allow, that mall had marked itself a gun-free zone.

You think that’s a good idea, right? No, because the bad guys will always bring their guns in. If you keep all the good guys from carrying guns, as Dr. John Lott, the man who wrote “More Guns, Less Crime”, has always said, “If you prohibit the law abiding citizen from carrying guns in situations like that, then the bad guy with the gun will be able to have the advantage. That man did. Eight people died. Five people were wounded.

It’s time to take another look at that. It’s time for the private malls that have the right to ban concealed carry to reconsider those ridiculous policies.

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  • Jerry

    The anti-gun libs are just people who have never personally been involved in a situation like that in the Nebraska mall.
    Plain and simple.
    Or should I say plainly simple.
    Or perhaps plain simpletons.

  • devietro

    Lars is 100% right, concealed carry saves lives. Also right now mall security is the joke of the security industry, even the simple step of arming supervisors would have stopped this.

  • anon

    “Concealed carry” saves lives, and is legal where the law allows (profound, eh?).

    But these private malls are within their rights to outlaw “concealed carry” people. This is where the good old ‘civil disobedience’ needs to come in. Make sure that the CONCEALED part of your “concealed carry”, is done right, and nobody will know that you are carrying a concealed weapon…. until the killer gunman shows up, and then you bag him. The mall will give you a meadal of honor as they arrest you for violating their ‘no guns’ policy. But you will have the satisfaction of knowing you saved many lives and only broke one silly law.

    • devietro

      right on, many do that but there are many individuals who will CCW until they see those dumb signs.

  • Dogman

    I carry everywhere I go, except in banks, federal building, airports and courts. They hire expert trained persons to protect me, 🙁
    But in my business I get threats all the time. So my protection is my ability to carry. I hide my concealed very well, and do go into places that do not allow carring of firearms, and I don’t care, but my family and I feel safe. You don’t need to carry a bazooka. I beleive it is my right to do so and if they kick me out, I don’t shop there.
    When I was going to college, I carried, even when stated in the student handbook it was not allowed
    When are people going to get it as the carry of quilified trained owners of guns aren’t the ones killing people. It is the wacko’s.

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