Triple GOP wins nationwide. Is this a trend?

Nationally, Republicans now have three big victories in the past few weeks.

This week in Congressional races:
– Ohio special election saw the Republican win by nearly 10%
– Virginia special election the Republican won landslide against Iraq war veteran.

Last month, a Republican won the race for governor in the Democrat stronghold of Louisiana.

Is this a new wave, or just luck?

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    The GOP label may be misleading, all 3 of these candidates were conservative candidates which is why they won.

    Since many of the GOP members running in the next election both state and Federal are RINO’s, in the Bush, McCain, Guiliani molds it’s not a fair gauge of voter thoughts.

    If the GOP were to get back to it’s conservative roots and stand on principle they would regain their majority. As long as the pandering pansies control GOP doctrine the party will ooze around in a goo of undecisiveness and experience more losses each election.

    • Anonymous

      It’s hilarious how the Portland country club Republicans keep wailing about how if they only had more “moderates” running they’d win more races. Conservatives win elections (or at least come close) in contested districts and statewide while moderates continually get shellaced. Just look at Mannix and Saxton.

  • Steve Plunk

    It’s could be neither.

    I believe it was Tip ONeil that said all politics is local. That means each race is determined by the particulars of the candidates and the issues of the region. Three races can never determine a trend but those three races turning out the way they did could be luck. We will never know for sure.

    The lesson here is to not listen to national pollsters or pundits but to work hard for your local candidate. Hope for the best but work hard to make it happen.

  • Don

    Don’t think much of this:

    Here’s why:

    LA Governor, after the D’s f-ed up Katrina, you knew that was going to flip.
    VA 1 and OH-5 both went by about the same margins as they went in 2006, so that’s status quo for both. They were both heavily R districts that only opened up due to the untimely death of two R reps.

  • Anonymous

    The LA race was won before it even started. Definitely NOT a trend.

  • John Fairplay

    Absolutely right about Louisiana. Anytime the universal incompetence of Democrats is revealed to voters, they tend to start voting Republican. Most of the time they are allowed/able to cover it up by the media, but this was impossible in the Katrina situation. Interestingly, you’re now starting to see MSM stories about the incompetence of Pelosi and Reid, and that may not bode well for Democrats.


      Iffy on that, the GOP leadership seems to enjoy riding around in a 3-wheeled clown car too!

  • dean

    I think the GOP should get their remaining troops as far to the right as they can without tipping themselves off the cliff. So what if that means they will lose badly in 08. They will have stood or fallen on principle. And we liberals will salute you for that.

    My suggested platform for you guys:
    1) Abolish social security, medicare and medicaid
    2) Abolish all regulation of private property or business.
    3) Start a war with anyone who says a peep against us, or if they might even someday even be suspected of THINKING a thought against us.
    4) Build lots more prisons, as many as needed to house the refuse of society and any liberal who won’t give up.
    5) Eliminate all taxes on the top 20% as a reward for their productivity or luck, and double taxes on the bottom 80% to give them an extra incentive to get their act together or find some luck.
    6) Nuke the U.N. and the IPCC.
    7) Take over all nations that have our oil, pump it out, ship it over and burn it up as fast as we can.Party on dudes.
    9) Ban all abortions & assisted suicides, and put Congress in charge of who lives or dies. Call it the Schiavo Law.
    10) Outlaw homosexuality
    11) Put the orphans back to work in the mines, or cleaning up hazardous waste.
    12) Bring back DDT. See #11 if that becomes a problem.
    13) Start an “endangered species taste good” restaurant chain.
    14) Outlaw unions
    15) Fire all public teachers.
    16) Pass a constitutional amendment that prohibits any further constitutional amendments, taxes, good ideas that might cost money, or empathy.

    Did I leave anything important out?

    Oh…and a Merry Christmas to all! Humbug!

    • Gullyborg

      Actually, that platform sounds pretty good.

      Meanwhile, the liberal platform:

      lose wars
      don’t defend the country
      give up looking for oil
      regulate everything
      tax everything
      rip babies out of pregnant women
      pay for it as part of national healthcare
      eliminate the border
      make Spanish the official language
      make Islam the official religion (for those who want religion)
      make atheism the official religion for everyone else
      erase all mention of Christianity from the history books
      make homosexuality a diversity requirement
      ban country music
      ban tobacco (but rely on tobacco taxes for healthcare)
      ban Wal-Mart
      ban freedom

      • dean

        Gully…the difference is that you actually agreed with my parody of your politics, but I don’t agree with yours of mine. I would modify it as follows:

        1) Fight only necessary wars
        2) Defend this country and our close allies, not all the other ones.
        3) Learn to live with less oil (see item #1)
        4) Tax those who have the most the most, and so forth down the line.
        5) Let women decide the course of their own pregnancies unless those opposed to abortion pony up to support the child for 18 years plus college if they make it that far.
        6) Either secure the border(s) or open them fully in all directions
        7) Close businesses that repeatedly hire undocumented workers
        8) Meddle less in the affairs of the Islamic world
        9) Be willing to elect the best person regardles of their religion or non-religion.
        10) Treat Chrisianity as a historical movement, not as the one and only revealed truth.
        11) Let homosexuals live their lives freely and stop demonizing them
        12) Get back to the roots of country music: acoustic, traditional, bluegrass, and swing. Drop the phony over-dubbed, pseudo rock, overly costumed crap.
        13) Legalize pot
        14) Unionize Wall-Mart
        15) Repeal the Patriot Act

        • CRAWDUDE

          Dean, Vietnam was not necessary and cost many more lives than the gulf wars combined. This while under a DNC legislature and President 2/3rds of the time. In fact the GOP Prez. was the one that pulled out……………………..lest you forget.

          Yes, only defend our friends………defending our enemies is foolish!

          I agree with Alt. energy!

          Tax everyone evenly so all can enjoy the knowledge that they are supporting the American society.

          Women control their ability to reproduce with commonly known devices and common sense. Drunken ho’s have a little more difficult problem. Not that I’m complaining….

          Secure the borders , period!

          Elect the best!

          Athiestism is based on the faith there is no GOD, all other religions are based on the faith there is. Ban ALL faith based beliefs!

          Let gays live their lives with no benefits for being gay, also resend all benefits to religously married couples and their offspring. You want to get married and have kids, do it on your own dime not earned income tax credits paid by me……….same with the goo goblers!!!

          I’m with you on the music brother!

          I’m with you on the pot, too!

          Hate unions though I’m in one, lol! Damn, and we were on a roll!

          Repeal ALL executive orders issued after 1952!

          And everyone who reads these posts please have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • dean

            CD…Nam was a joint project of the main parties, as was Korea and WW2. Even Iraq at the start. More American GIs died during Nixon’s long pullout than died before it started if I recollect correctly.

            But if you don’t mind, I’ll join you in the Merry Christmas wish, and add the generic winter solstice ceremony of every reader’s choice to that.

            And by the way, I have no idea how that smiley face made it onto my earlier post.

          • CRAWDUDE

            Not just a run of the mill smiley but the Joe Cool smiley!

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