Republican Special Session priorities advance

From House Republican Office 12/14/2007:

Ways and Means Co-Chairs to Consider Funding Requests for February Special Session

SALEM”” House and Senate Republicans today submitted formal funding proposals to the Joint Ways and Means Committee for the February special session. Republicans called on the committee to fund 24/7 Oregon State Police coverage, sustain Oregon Project Independence for senior citizens, and restore the “Big Look” Commission to update Oregon’s land use system.

House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) submitted the proposals via a joint letter to the Ways and Means Co-Chairs. Last week, the Co-Chairs invited legislators to submit written funding requests for consideration in February.

“Oregonians are expecting the Legislature to take action on the issues they care about,” said Sen. Ferrioli. “There is no reason we can’t provide the resources needed to help seniors and keep Oregonians safe and secure.”

In their letter to the Co-Chairs, the Republicans note that these issues are priorities for Oregonians. The letter adds, “These priorities must be addressed during the February Session given their critical importance to public safety, seniors’ health care, and our state’s outdated land use system.”

Both leaders said funding should not come from the 2007-09 ending fund balance, as some Democrats have proposed, but from identifying waste and mismanagement in current spending.

“Rather than directing money away from our reserve funds, we should establish and utilize a Legislative Audit Office to increase accountability and find real savings in our budget,” Rep. Hanna said.

Progress on House and Senate Republican Priorities
As of December 13, 2007

Republican Priority

Provide 24-hour Oregon State Police Coverage
– Republicans have submitted funding a request to Joint Ways and Means Committee.

Hold State Government Accountable for Spending and Waste
– Sen. Larry George has submitted a legislative concept to create the Legislative Audit Office.

Secure Oregon Driver’s Licenses and ID Documents
– Legislative concepts are being drafted in both the House and Senate.

Protect Oregon Project Independence for Senior Citizens
– Republicans have submitted a funding request to Joint Ways and Means Committee.

Train Oregon’s Teachers for Excellence
– Sen. Ted Ferrioli has submitted a legislative concept to provide professional development programs to teachers.

Expand Water Resources for Eastern Oregon Agriculture
– Sen. Dave Nelson has submitted a legislative concept addressing water storage issues in Eastern Oregon.

Reform Oregon’s Land Use Laws, Restore the “˜Big Look’
– Republicans have submitted a funding request to Joint Ways and Means Committee.

Protect Oregonians from Predatory Scams
– The House Consumer Protection Committee has submitted a legislative concept to address predatory foreclosure scams.

*Under Speaker Jeff Merkley’s session guidelines, no Representative is allowed to individually introduce legislation.


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  • eagle eye

    Ah, several nice things to spend money on. I missed the part about where they are going to get the money to pay for it. Aren’t these the Republicans who backed the Measure 48 spending limit last time? Are they now proposing to raise taxes? I didn’t think so. Then what are they going to take money from to pay for this stuff? Please tell us the plan.

  • Bill Sizemore

    There ought not be a session in February. The Oregon Constitution does not authorize annual sessions.

    Republicans should not be playing this game. They took an oath to uphold the Constitution and they ought to announce that they are not coming in. If the governor wants to call an emergency session, let him do so and state what the emergency is and limit the session to that. I am sure Ted can make something up, but until he does, the Republicans ought to keep their oath.

    If the Constitution says the legislature will meet every other year, the legislature has no right to up and decide they are going to test drive annual sessions and see how they work, because some panel suggested it. Give me a break. They are going to violate the Constitution because some citizen panel suggests it. Pretty lame.

    • rinowatch


      I could not agree with you more!

      The fact that so-called Republicans are spending their time on this is all the more disgusting — but then again they are RINO’s!

      Whomever posted this ‘In the News” has only perpetuated the crime of the aggregious assault on the Oregon Constitution.

      Keep it up RINO’s — you are becoming endangered…….

    • Tim Lyman

      Damn skippy.

      • CRAWDUDE

        I’ll jump on the agreement bandwagon! The Republicans should boycott the session en masse!

    • RinoWatch

      Are you folks aware that the funding for this illegal legislative session is being provided through the “E” Board, as in Emergency board?

      Obviously there is No emergency…

      The Republican leader(s)? Ferrioli and Hanna should pull out and challenge the D’s to send the troopers out to round ’em up.

      How can you force legislators to show up to an Illegal gathering?

      Only thing I can figure is we’re dealing with a combination of RINO’s and lightweights…

  • Jerry

    I agree – all these people, from both parties, are not only nuts but definitely out of their league.
    They should not run for offices they can’t fill.
    Plain and simple.
    Or should I say plain and simpleton.

  • ANON

    The Democrats already reversed years of Republican cuts to State Police by adding 100 troopers last session. The Democrats already increased OPI funding last session and have already pledged to add even more in Feb. And the Democrats already pledged to fund the Big Look Task Force in Feb.

    Nice to see the Republicans jumping on board!

    • rural resident

      I wouldn’t count on the Dems to fund the Big Look task force. If they do, the plan is probably to stack the deck with representatives of 1000 Fiends and other anti-growth groups. We already know what the final conclusions will be of the “study” — because they’ve probably already been written.

  • Jerry

    Wow – 100 troopers. How brave. How wonderful. How insane.
    It is precisely 300 troopers short.
    It is a lame response to a real need.
    Very lame.
    And NOTHING to be proud of.

  • ANON

    I agree that 100 more troopers is only a good start, but what more can you really expect Democrats to do during their first year in the majority after the Republicans cut over 300 troopers and spent every penny on other things during their 16 years in charge!?!?

    • Jerry

      I can expect them to do the right thing and fund the state troopers to the appropriate level NOW.
      But, alas, they are too busy offering in-state tuition to people who are here illegally and that will take some big bucks, so the police will have to wait.
      And we might need another state slogan, too, and that costs big.
      The politicos in Salem from BOTH parties are, for the most part, totally incompetent.

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