Lars Larson on Corporate kicker

Why in the world would Oregon want to get rid of its corporate kicker?

There are some people who would like to get rid of Oregon’s constitutionally guaranteed corporate kicker. The state over collects taxes from its citizens and corporations. When it over collects more than 2% it has to pay the money back to the people who paid the money in the first place””citizens or corporations.

Some of the liberals who would like to expand state government, who believe that government always makes better decisions about how to use your money than you every would. Those kind of arrogant folks, they’d like to get that corporate kicker. Right now, they are talking about a quarter of a billion dollars.

But, leaving that money with corporations would do a whole lot more good. It keeps it in the private sector. Those corporations use it to expand and do more business. It makes Oregon more business friendly.

Handing it off to the government, ya, that will make sure we have more PERS pensions and more public employees. I’ve never thought that government makes better decisions about your money than you do, but the government does.