Urgent Request for Darrell Fuller and his Family

This email alert from the Capitol Club Newsletter and Mary VanNatta regarding veteran lobbyist Darrell Fuller:

Urgent Request for Darrell Fuller and his Family
We received sad news from our friends, Darrell and Kelly Fuller, who live in Keizer with their two children (Daniel, 12, and Kassie, 11).

The Fullers had a serious house fire on November 29th. In a freak accident, their dog ignited a burner on the gas stove. Fire investigators believe the stove had a defective knob which the dog bumped while trying to reach something on the counter. A package sitting on the stove caught fire. Fueled by the gas, the fire quickly spread throughout the kitchen, and into the master bedroom closet and attic. It reached approximately 3,000 degrees, literally melting the microwave and refrigerator. This produced a thick, toxic smoke that filled the house.

The Fullers were gone so none of them were hurt. However, the fire did extensive damage. The house sustained an estimated $100,000 of damage. Most of what the Fullers owned was destroyed. Only three pieces of furniture and some personal items can be salvaged. And, sadly, the family lost five pets to smoke inhalation.

Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t begin to cover all that was lost. Everything from paperclips to food, clothing and furniture must be replaced.

If you would like to help, a special account has been set up at Bank of America. Donations can be made at any branch. Just specify the “Fuller Fire Fund/Darrell Fuller” account. You can reach the Fullers at the Shilo Inn where the Red Cross arranged temporary shelter (503-581-4001, Room 214) or leave a message at 503-581-5110.