Agenda driven movies flop this fall

Most of the fall’s political or controversial films have flopped so far, except for the tiny independent movie Bella.

1. Loins for Lambs
2. Redacted
3. Golden Compass
4. Bella
5. Charlie Wilson’s war

Let us review these movie performances below:

War protest films
Loins of lambs, grossed $14 million (cost $35 million)
Redacted, grossed only $65,000

Headline making humanist film
The Golden Compass“¬¶grossed $40 million (cost $160 million)
Snopes article on controversy

Pro-life promoted film
Bella“¬¶Grossed $7 million (cost $3.3 million)
See Washington Post article here

1980s Afghanistan War movie
Charlie Wilson’s war
Opens today
Washington Times Article: Reagan officials angry

All eyes on Charlie Wilson’s War this weekend to see if it can reverse the trend.