Lars Larson on Are Schools Breeding Bullies?

I honestly think that America’s schools are in the business of breeding bullies. I don’t think they are doing it knowingly. But, they certainly are doing it. They are telling kids, “Don’t defend yourself.” If a bully goes out on the playground and he hits another kid, the kid is not allowed to hit back. The kid has been told by the school that, “If you hit back, you’ll have a punishment just as severe as the bully.”

The message that sends to the bully is, “You want to get some attention?” Which is probably what bullies mostly want to get. “Go hit the kid. If he hits you back, he gets punished just as badly as you do and you get a lot of attention””adverse attention””but attention all the same.” It teaches the kid on the playground”””do not defend yourself”.

That means the bully has all the control. It also means that adult rules are absolutely irrational. To deny somebody the right of self-defense, that’s denying them their most basic human right