Department of Fish and Wildlife issues marijuana alert for hunters

I thought this was an interesting note from the 2008 Big Game Regulation Book from the Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife. Inside was this half page ad:

With the increase of unlawful marijuana grows being located on State and National lands, hunters should be aware of their surroundings while recreating. If you observe camp sites away from main roads, irrigation equipment, cultivated areas or marijuana plants leave the area immediately from the same direction you entered.

Note the location of the suspicious activities and report that information to your local law enforcement agency or the Oregon State Police.

How clever the idea that you grow an illegal plant on government property so you never get busted for having it on your own. Also noted, that the above alert warns to “leave the area immediately” and “from the same direction you entered”. I can only guess the immediacy warning is because (a) hunters who remain might be suspects (b) any delay might jeopardize fast enforcement or (c) the Department worries that unsuspecting hunters might accidentally use the plant as campfire wood and throw the area hunters and deer into a bizarre twist of events.

My compliments to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for having to adjust to such strange trends in their department — then again their agency does cover “wildlife”.