Department of Fish and Wildlife issues marijuana alert for hunters

I thought this was an interesting note from the 2008 Big Game Regulation Book from the Oregon Department of Fish And Wildlife. Inside was this half page ad:

With the increase of unlawful marijuana grows being located on State and National lands, hunters should be aware of their surroundings while recreating. If you observe camp sites away from main roads, irrigation equipment, cultivated areas or marijuana plants leave the area immediately from the same direction you entered.

Note the location of the suspicious activities and report that information to your local law enforcement agency or the Oregon State Police.

How clever the idea that you grow an illegal plant on government property so you never get busted for having it on your own. Also noted, that the above alert warns to “leave the area immediately” and “from the same direction you entered”. I can only guess the immediacy warning is because (a) hunters who remain might be suspects (b) any delay might jeopardize fast enforcement or (c) the Department worries that unsuspecting hunters might accidentally use the plant as campfire wood and throw the area hunters and deer into a bizarre twist of events.

My compliments to the Department of Fish and Wildlife for having to adjust to such strange trends in their department — then again their agency does cover “wildlife”.

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  • anon

    Thanks to our state’s anti business policies, marijuana is the only enterprise that’s booming.

  • anon

    also… you are wrong about the reason for departing immediately in the same direction you entered. The fact is if you don’t you are likely to get shot by the growers.

  • Richard Burke

    I understand a lot of pot growers place buby traps near there crops. They have also been known to attack people whe come upon their crops.

  • Jerry

    Here is the perfect solution that should please both the left and the right and anyone in the middle:

    Clear cut those forests, give all the money to the O&C counties who need it so desparately, and end the very existence of these hiding places.

    If there is money left over, use it to fund in-state tuition for illegals and health care for all children ages 1-30 and who live in homes with under $130,000 annual income.

    Extend this health care to anyone who is alive in the state – illegal or not – otherwise it simply would not be fair. And make sure it covers vision and dental, too.

    Any funds left after that should be earmarked for the Cultural Trust.

    Problem(s) solved!!!

    • Let’s tax and regulate pot in Oregon

      We should legalize pot and tax the heck out of it to finance Oregon counties instead of letting them grow it for free non-taxed. Then we could have gold-plated schools and we could give voters refunds like they used to for Alaskans when they could actually use their natural resources up there, i.e. oil drilling. I say we tax pot higher than cigarettes in Oregon. Clearly it is a more popular commodity.

  • devietro

    Its not at all uncommon for the people who “manage” these grow operation to place traps in the area one of the most common is a mousetrap with a whole drilled in it and a shotgun shell inserted, tons of noise and bad, juju for the one who steps on it.

    I know very little about marijuana growing but I thought it needed lots of light and heat, seems like outdoor Oregon would not be the ideal spot.

  • Jason W.

    Why would some trap something they are trying to hide? It gives them away.

    • devietro

      They are just as worried about people “borrowing” a few samples.

  • Mike

    I hope your comments are only sarcastic. Illegal grows and Meth operations are a serious problem in our Federal and State forests. The first concern is for the safety of the hunter or group of hunters. These 2 legged predators are dangerous and will shoot to kill if your proximity threatens their livelihood of freedoms in any way. They also employ traps to maim or kill wildlife that might try feeding on these crops. The Pot sites are of minimal risk environmentally but the Meth operations have a huge negative potential to our water sources and more. Mountain Lions, Bears, Coyotes and Wolves are all capable of inflicting serious harm on Man. The number one predator is however Man. Be aware of your surroundings and back up if you find yourself in a bad situation. As far as reporting the location to the authorities after word, this is your decision. I know that I will do my duty as a citizen of the United States. Turn in Poachers and Scum Bags!

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