News Flash: Senator Larry George to challenge special session

Latest news from inside the State Capitol is that State Senator Larry George may be filing a lawsuit this week challenging the legality of the February Special Session. The Emergency Special Session has been criticized as legally vulnerable and unconstitutional for some time, especially for its lack of an “emergency”.

More details to come.

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  • rinowatch

    Larry should not only file the lawsuit against this UNConstitutional travesty, but without doubt should replace the lazy-do nothing RINO minority leader(?) in the Senate. I understand that Ferrioli is livid with Larry…..Out with Ferrioli!

    There is absolutely NO damned reason for a legislative session in February and every single RINO representative who voted for it should be turned out of office in ’08.

    Do it Larry!

  • devietro

    Ferrioli has certainly done more good than harm, maybe not perfect but not as bad as it could be. Second of all I fully support any action to stop the stupid illegal session. Keep us updated on what we can do to assit Mr. George in his efforts.

  • Rinowatch

    Understand that by condoning this so-called Special Session “test drive for annual sessions” (1-2007) Ferrioli is undoing any perceived good he has done–

    If Ferrioli were trully s “leader” he’d call for his caucus to stay away from the UNConstitutional session…what are the D’s gonna do–send out the OSP to haul ’em in for something that is UNLawful?

  • OregonGuy

    It’s about time.

    I know that our Attorney General can’t find his law books with both hands, and that the Secretary of State is impeded by agenda, but both of these gentlemen had a responsibility to point out the unconstitutional, hence illegal, nature of this session.

    Were David AG this would have never happened.

    Who you elect matters.

  • John Fairplay

    I hope Sen. George is going to federal court, if he has any hope of a fair hearing on this issue.

    • Gullyborg

      What basis is there for federal jurisdiction?

      • Ten


  • Jerry

    It’s about time someone took some action. These idiotic, foolish, crazy politicos from both parties are driving me nuts. There is no need for any special session. Period.
    If the Repubs were actually real repubs they would not even go. They are all to be condemned for this fiasco.
    What morons.
    If you can’t do the job we elected you to do, don’t run.
    No one elected you to break the laws of Oregon and have this silly session.
    No one.

  • Boze Noze

    First it is a “test session”, then annual sessions. Then they will raise the pay for legislators based on it being a full time job. Of course, they are all on PERS, so they will then make PERS even more lucrative…do you see where this is going? A professional political class in Oregon.

    There is no worse idea then having sessions in an election year. Think of the goodies that would be handed out to buy votes with your tax money!

  • Sybella

    A special session is just an excuse to add more laws to the burden we already carry. There are so many laws made because somebody said “there ought to be a law” I may have to become house bound just to be sure I don’t break any. I can’t keep track. We don’t need any more laws, rules. Can’t keep up now.

  • ralph

    What I want to know is whether our legislators are so irresponsible that they will continue to hold the February supplemental session even with this lawsuit pending. Suppose the trial court rules against Senator George, the legislature conducts the February 2008 session, and afterwards the Oregon Supreme Court rules that the session was unconstitutional and every law they enacted in February is invalidated….Boy, I bet that would restore the credibility of the legislature. Good grief. I hope the legislature comes to its senses and follows Senator George’s lead – The legislature’s desire to meet annually when the constitution says it is supposed to meet biennially is not an emergency.

  • Jerry

    Don’t count on it happening, though, Ralph, as the Oregon Supremes are just as nutty as these idiot politicians.

  • Check the Vote Count

    FYI – Ferrioli voted against the special session (SCR 1 (2007)).

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