Paul Ryan exposes farce of ‘savings’ in Reid Debt Plan

by NW Spotlight

Liberal blogger supports ‘covering the moon in yogurt’ because it would do more to revive the economy than spending cuts

On Thursday, Paul Ryan mocked Harry Reid’s gimmick-filled debt ceiling proposal. Rep. Ryan said “We might as well announce a plan to spend $5 trillion covering the moon in yogurt, then cancel it and declare it a $5 trillion savings.” President Obama endorses Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) proposal and its false ‘savings’.

Rep. Ryan was quoting a March 2009 column by George Will about fake budget cuts.

A blogger on the liberal Daily Kos actually came out in support of covering the moon in yogurt, as that “would actually be stimulative and would therefore do more to revive the economy than any of these counterproductive, woefully misguided austerity bills”.

Besides being wrong about covering the moon in yogurt being ‘stimulative’, the blogger also missed the larger point that in the analogy the $5 trillion wouldn’t even be spent – it would just be added to the budget one day and then taken out the next, so Reid could claim a false ‘savings’.