Republicans invite Democrats to join them on session priorities

From the House and Senate Republicans:

The House and Senate Republican priorities for February’s special session could take a major step towards implementation today pending support from the legislature’s Democrat leaders. Republicans announced a set of priorities for special session several months ago and once again ask Democrats to lend their support to the issues.

“Issues like putting a state trooper on every Oregon highway, every day of the week or empowering the legislature to root out waste in government are issues that every Oregonian cares about,” said Ferrioli. “We would welcome the support of our Democrat colleagues. There is room for everyone behind these ideas.”House and Senate Republicans have teamed together to put forward an agenda that addresses Oregonians’ top concerns. They have introduced bills to:

-Provide 24-hour state police coverage
-Hold state government accountable for spending and waste through yearly agency-wide audits
-Secure Oregon driver’s licenses to end ID theft and help stop the meth trade
-Protect in-home care for seniors
-Establish ongoing professional development program that trains teachers for excellence
-Expand water resources available for eastern Oregon economies and agriculture
-Reform Oregon’s land use laws

“Most of the priorities on our agenda should have been addressed in 2007,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). “Republicans have consistently called for providing 24/7 State Police coverage, securing Oregon’s drivers licenses and funding in-home care for seniors. 2008 is better late than never for Democrats to join us.”