Republicans invite Democrats to join them on session priorities

From the House and Senate Republicans:

The House and Senate Republican priorities for February’s special session could take a major step towards implementation today pending support from the legislature’s Democrat leaders. Republicans announced a set of priorities for special session several months ago and once again ask Democrats to lend their support to the issues.

“Issues like putting a state trooper on every Oregon highway, every day of the week or empowering the legislature to root out waste in government are issues that every Oregonian cares about,” said Ferrioli. “We would welcome the support of our Democrat colleagues. There is room for everyone behind these ideas.”House and Senate Republicans have teamed together to put forward an agenda that addresses Oregonians’ top concerns. They have introduced bills to:

-Provide 24-hour state police coverage
-Hold state government accountable for spending and waste through yearly agency-wide audits
-Secure Oregon driver’s licenses to end ID theft and help stop the meth trade
-Protect in-home care for seniors
-Establish ongoing professional development program that trains teachers for excellence
-Expand water resources available for eastern Oregon economies and agriculture
-Reform Oregon’s land use laws

“Most of the priorities on our agenda should have been addressed in 2007,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg). “Republicans have consistently called for providing 24/7 State Police coverage, securing Oregon’s drivers licenses and funding in-home care for seniors. 2008 is better late than never for Democrats to join us.”


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  • Jerry

    Good luck getting the wacked out Dems to do any of this stuff.

  • devietro

    This would be a good agenda if the session were legal. Even if Senator Georges legal action fails this session is going to be tainted. I assume that it will end in more confusion with little actually getting done. That wont actually be out of character for this state but its sad to see.

  • Jerry

    These idiots have no business in session. They are all fools!!!

  • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

    Yeah, right. Like the D’s are going to sign on to any part of the R agenda. I am at a complete loss to understand why the R’s are going to legitimize this session (and provide the quorum the D’s need to pass their legislative agenda) by showing up.

  • Steve Plunk

    Where to start? This is an illegal session and an unethical session. If the legislature wanted annual sessions they could have put the constitutional change on the ballot. By not putting it to a vote they are essentially saying they are above the law and the will of the governed. That fits my definition of unethical quite nicely. Perhaps any legislator reading this would like to defend against my charges.

    To put forth a grandiose plan like Ferrioli and the Republicans have is silly as well. Reform the land use system in an “emergency” session? End ID theft? For gosh sakes shoot for the moon. Why not do as little as possible and then get out of Salem?

    Even with cooperation from the Dems this is too bold an agenda. It sickens me to see the law flaunted in this way and without any remorse except from Sen. George. May the voters have mercy, or not.

  • Shelly

    I can’t imagine how Ferrioli and the rest of the Republic caucus leadership can’t know the Democrats are laughing at this and at them while wavng their middle finger.

    I mean give me a break.
    “We would welcome the support of our Democrat colleagues. There is room for everyone behind these ideas.”

    The Democrats have no use for any Republican agenda or any Republican trying to be more like them.

    They have plenty of their own.

    I’m sorry friends, but who ever is advising and controling the Republican caucus has completely lost their minds.

  • rural resident

    Though I agree with many of Ferrioli’s ideas for this short session, I’m not sure why he thinks the Dems have any interest in listening to them. When the Republicans were in control, they acted as though the Dems didn’t exist. There may be a few sops to “bipartisanship,” but the D’s are in a sweep spot right now.

  • Anon

    When the R’s were in the majority, the D’s opposed their crazy ideas and presented ideas of their own.

    Now that the D’s are in the majority, all the R’s can do is try to say “ME TOO!” faster than the Democrats finish their sentences.

    How funny.

  • Keno

    I do not understand what they need to do a drivers license and its relationship to meth. Are meth-ers big ID fraud?

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