Lars Larson on DMV Reports

Did you know you can turn somebody into the DMV for retesting?

The law has been on the books for years now. Allowing you to call Oregon’s DMV and say that you think somebody ought to be retested in their driving skills. It could apply very easily to an elderly person or to a person afflicted to bad eyesight or maybe some other kind of physical affliction or mental affliction that makes it difficult for them to drive.

Here’s the problem. DMV is now apparently, routinely, telling people “you can’t know the name of your accuser. Now that is a concern for me.

You’ve been granted a driver’s license. It is a right to drive in the United States if you have the qualifications. Not a privilege as some would say. If somebody comes along and accuses you of being an inadequate driver, fine, take the test. But, you should have the right to know the name of your accuser and be able to confront them. If you’re afraid to say it to mom or dad or grandma or granddad, “hey, you should be off the road”, then maybe you shouldn’t be turning them in.