Pavel Goberman: Why I’m Running for U.S. Congress

by Pavel Goberman

Pavel Goberman – Candidate (R) for US Repr. 1st Cong. Distr. in 2012

“I Promise To Create Millions Jobs And Balance Budget”

I don’t see any one better than me could help this state and nation, and have a concrete plan to help Oregon State and nation, and will be much beneficial than army of “experienced” US Senators, Congressmen, President and other candidates, who say: “We need, We must”.

I have an education, life and business experience. I’m honest, incorruptible (no not accept any “donation, contribution”), with faith, integrity and high moral principles, and will not lose my dependency on We the People.

As elected US Representative I promise to help:

  1. In a few months to create a few thousands jobs in Oregon and a few millions jobs in the USA without raising taxes
  2. In a very short time to balance national budget, that saved nation $1 Billion a year paid on deficit interest, and even create a surplus
  3. Save nation a few billions dollars on the health care
  4. Improve heavy traffic on all national highways and in cities
  5. Elect US Judges and Attorneys, but not appoint them, as it is now, that is a rape of our Constitution
  6. Put same state and US Judges and DA Schrunk, a mobster in prison for violation of the Constitution and the Code of Ethics for Government Employees
  7. Stop politicians and the media junta to sell this country: take money off elections
  8. Improve the quality of education and discipline in schools. Teach children to respect parents, teachers and seniors
  9. Harder punishment for crimes. Prisoners must work and pay back to society for damage
  10. Car / truck insurance. It is a “street robbery”. If a person has no an accident, 50 % money back
  11. Stop send big money to countries where the people are saying: “Death America”. Help own people first
  12. Reduce income and property taxes
  13. Reduce the cost of drugs and gasoline
  14. Lock up borders to terrorists and criminals
  15. More students grants and loans must with no more 3% interest
  16. Give a tax break to owners / landlords of Manufactured Mobile / Dwelling Homes and RV Parks for to keep them open
  17. Work with the United Nations develop one international language
  18. To make a peace on the Middle East. The approach to peace there is wrong
  19. Defend nation from weapons of mass destruction
  20. More grants for students and loans must with no more that 3% Interest
  21. The Oregon Public Broadcast must pay back to society for financial support and must inform and educate the public about candidates running for US Representative

Pavel Goberman – “Unique political phemenon”, from article about me.

Pavel’s web site:

Pavel’s filing with the Oregon Secretary of State