Supporters back up Wingard race

From Matt Wingard for State Representative
Press Release 1-20-07:

Supporters Rally to Wingard Over the Weekend
Donations and Pledges Up in Recent Days

“Matt Wingard is a very honest and sensible person who I believe will represent the people of House District 26 in a forthright and personable way. I look forward to having Matt replace me as Representative for House District 26.”
–Representative Jerry Krummel, House District 26 (1/18/08)

“Matt’s leadership on key local issues has earned him broad endorsements across House District 26. He has deep support in the community and he has my support in his run for the Legislature.
–Senator Larry George, Senate District 13 (1/19/08)

“Matt will be a great asset to the House of Representatives in Salem. With his non-stop brilliant ideas and strategies to help Oregon become a better place to work and live, he will undoubtedly become a leader who will take us toward positive change.”
–Representative Kim Thatcher, House District 25 (1/18/08)

“Not often does a candidate for legislature come along to whom I can give my unqualified support. Matt Wingard is the man we need in Salem to represent us”
–Doris Wehler, President, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce (1/18/08)

Matt Wingard is a proven asset to Oregon politics. He’s a fair and trusted advisor to numerous campaigns and candidates, a business owner, and a leader in education reform. I’m proud to support him.
–Jim Haynes, former President, Sherwood Chamber of Commerce (1/19/08)

“Matt will make a dynamic representative for District 26. He knows how critical transportation issues are to the agricultural community and he’s committed to getting our roads moving again.”
–Bob Terry, Fisher Farms (1/19/08)

“The Taxpayer Association of Oregon supports Matt Wingard. His experience in the State Capitol and his strong fiscally conservative credentials are exactly what we need in Salem.”
–Jason Williams, Taxpayer Association of Oregon (1/18/08)

“I support Matt because he is consistent in his political views and I know I can trust he will make informed, thoughtful decisions that are in the best interests of Oregonians.” –
-John Brenneman, Former State Senator and Wilsonville resident (1/19/08)

“Matt Wingard is without doubt the most qualified candidate for the Oregon Legislature that I have met in over 30 years of political involvement. His knowledge, determination, grace and tact are refreshing to witness.”
–John Ludlow, Former Wilsonville Mayor (1/18/08)

“Matt Wingard has my vote and support for the office of State Representative. He has experience, knowledge and courage–and the wisdom to use them.”
–Ivonne Pflaum, Sherwood Republican Activist (1/18/08)

“I am supporting Matt Wingard for the legislature because he is an intelligent, energetic candidate with great ideas to improve our state. He knows how the system works but he is not a career politician. Matt can bring a fresh start to the 2009 legislature.”
–Debi Laue, Board Member, Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce (1/18/08)