Why Is TriMet Razing the Trees?

On or before September 15, the shade trees on SW Lincoln St. near Portland State University will be chopped down…to add a light rail line. If bulldozing the trees and reversing the urban beautification on SW Lincoln isn’t your idea of improving downtown, call Governor Kitzhaber’s office at (503) 378-4582. Tell him the TriMet board he appointed is making a grave and irreversible mistake.

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  • the real valley person

    So Catalyst is now a tree hugger blog? Oy. I’m all verklempt.

    That street and those trees and the great pedestrian street that bisects the area were all products of Portland’s first big urban renewal project. That dilpadated neighborhood was not torn down by the free market, but by big government. So basically you are now trying to preserve the fruits of past urban renewal.

    At long last sir, have you no sense of irony?

    • just doing the math

      I know, I am also so confused.

  • Bob Clark

    My neighborhood is pretty beautiful, too.  It is not a byproduct of urban renewal.  Other areas of Lincoln street on the eastside are not urban renewal, and they are also beautiful with plenty of trees and family friendly housing.

    Don’t need government excepting maybe police and fire for creating beautiful neighborhoods.  Government being located down town might actually cause blight through wrong headed housing policies, setting up ghetto like complexes.

    At this point, stump town city hall has to bribe people to shop down town during the Christmas season.  Stump town city hall is government in search of a problem.   

  • Anonymous

    Cutting down the trees is okay because it is being done by liberals. Anything liberals want to do is okay. Does a liberal want to hold a joint address to Congress in competition with a Republican presidential debate…that’s okay. Screw the debate. Don’t worry if the debate was scheduled first because the liberal address is more important.

    If conservatives want to cut down trees, that’s a crime or worse. But it’s okay for liberals to cut down trees. Who cares about the trees if the liberals need them to come down. It’s kind of like man made global warming…any science makes sense supporting MMGW. If it doesn’t support MMGW then it is pseudo-science and not worth considering. It is all very clear…if the liberals want it, it is okay. If conservatives want it, it is bad and should be shelved. Simple.

  • guest

    Gov Johh Kitzhaber could “stop the insanity” attending the enormously $uperfluous  bLight Rail boondoggle(s) – butt, knot, that’s an ‘entanglement’ he’d rather ‘others’ lasso.

    Alas, Logans’ dad esteems sum what more cylviaclized and ‘lienin’ more toward ‘kitz-katching’ duh taking of essential highway funds and lobb’ing the d’oh over to schools!

    OEA, what a maroon appearin’ in progressive speakeasy guffaws, sloe gin’n as that flows.

    Folks, what’s up in your Allen Alley entreaty?

    WOODMAN, spare that tree!
      Touch not a single bough!
    In youth it sheltered me,
      And I ’ll protect it now.
    ’T was my forefather’s hand        5
      That placed it near his cot;
    There, woodman, let it stand,
      Thy axe shall harm it not.

    That old familiar tree,
      Whose glory and renown        10
    Are spread o’er land and sea—
      And wouldst thou hew it down?
    Woodman, forbear thy stroke!
      Cut not its earth-bound ties;
    Oh, spare that aged oak        15
      Now towering to the skies!

    When but an idle boy,
      I sought its grateful shade;
    In all their gushing joy
      Here, too, my sisters played.        20
    My mother kissed me here;
      My father pressed my hand—
    Forgive this foolish tear,
      But let that old oak stand.

    My heart-strings round thee cling,        25
      Close as thy bark, old friend!
    Here shall the wild-bird sing,
      And still thy branches bend.
    Old tree! the storm still brave!
      And, woodman, leave the spot;        30
    While I ’ve a hand to save,
      Thy axe shall harm it not.




    • just doing the math

      Please, speak English. Your point is lost in all the
      superfluous verbiage.

      • guest

        Kitzhaber doesn’t give a crap about common sense.  Allan Alley does.

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