Lars Larson on Romney Endorsement

It’s about time for the GOP to pick a real Republican standard bearer.

Governor Mitt Romney is the best choice for 2008. He has a track record as a Governor taking Massachusetts from billions in deficits to billions in surplus. He brought respectability back to a scandal plagued Olympics. Romney built businesses from the ground up and he rescued others from the brink of the financial abyss. He won’t grant amnesty. He won’t infringe my 1st Amendment rights and he’s proposing tax cuts, not tax hikes.

Which brings me directly to Senator John McCain. He conspired with Democrats to steal my political free speech, rewarded law-breaking illegal aliens and voted against tax cuts twice that brought prosperity back to my country. Right now, he has a bill to raise energy taxes to fix a global warming problem that even this week he admits he’s not sure exists.

  • Jerry

    Romney is the best choice for certain.
    Romeny has my vote and my support.

  • Kevin Starrett

    Too bad he’s promised to attack your 2nd Amendment rights. Something he was proud to do in Mass. Of course, McCain has done the same thing of course. Well what the heck, NRA board members are happy to endorse gun grabbers, why shouldn’t you?


    There isn’t a good choice no matter who runs in either party, a choice between corruption and corruption.

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    Romney is a better choice but with the affirmative action crowd on the opposite end of the table, which way will the country go? The left wing is powerful with it’s clutches on both parties. We do not stand a chance so It has been nice to know you friends. We are screwed..

  • josh reynolds

    With Lars’ track record of endorsing candidates this now completely eliminates Romney from winning.

  • dean

    Oh my…its shaping up to be a good year (hopefully a number of years) to be a liberal Democrat. I can hardly wait to see the “conservative” implosion when McCain gets the nomination.

    I think FOP has the right conclusion, though I’m left wondering how my left wing has any clutches on the Republicans. That is news to me.

    Bottom line…conservatives had 12 years of Congress, 7 of those with the White House. You mananged to drive up the deficit, drive down the dollar, drive our allies away, divided the nation, and have driven up the cost of oil by bogging us down in a long term religous war in the Mideast. Why you would think you could get another conservative nominated and elected is beyond me. McCain is now your best hope to avoid being banished altogether from power. Learn to like him.

  • devietro

    Kevin has an almost valid point. Romney is not perfect on RKBA issues however, it is very clear to him that his base if the real conservatives. Any political realist can see that once elected he would know who got him elected.

    Also Mass. gun rights still suck be he actually improved them, marginally.

    Beyond that Romney is the only real conservative and the only candidate with any sort of financial experience.

    Romney ’08

    • Kevin Starrett

      This is wishful thinking. We were told the same thing when we warned gun owners about Gordon Smith the first time he ran. We were told we had to court him because when he got elected he would “remember us”. Bull. He sold gun owners out time and again. We heard the same thing about Bush. Anyone want to tell us he remembers who elected him? Bush has turned on every conservative principle. Maybe you did not see his administration’s position on the DC gun ban case. Maybe you ignored his promise to renew the semi-auto ban. Romney passed a similar ban in MASS, defended it and promised to sign one nationally. He even lied about support from the NRA. He’s a blow dried fraud and it’s amazing anyone is falling for it. Believe me, you’re getting a lot more from these fakers now than you ever will after you elect them.

  • Jack

    Mitt Romney would be a Great President

  • Beth

    Romney is precisely the kind of person we need as President.

    Presidential, dedicated family man, hard working, experienced executive, former governor.

  • dean

    The verdict appears to be in. McCain just lapped Mitt, and the Huckster has moved up to 2nd. This just shows the power of el Rushbo.

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