Legislative Session starts with censorship

Special Session notes

1. Rules passed to deny rights to minority party
2. Rep. Krummel exposes Merkley’s rule sidestepping
3. Censoring opposition may cost $4 million
4. Driver’s license bill controversy

The censoring of dissent continues on the first day of Legislative Session. House Speaker Jeff Merkley introduced House rules changes that would prevent no minority reports and no bills submitted by individual members. House Members have so far been barred from even getting bills drafted as a possibility to be heard. Being that both House and Senate are under the same political majority (Democrat), the outlawing of minority reports means the silencing of participation by the minority party (Republicans).

During rules/ethics discussion, Rep. Jerry Krummel asked a bold direct question to House Speaker Jeff Merkley “Why are you raising money during the session?” (Merkley is running against Gordon Smith for US Senate). Speaker Merkley replied that he was not accepting any PAC, lobby, union or corporate donations during Session. (Corporate donations are forbidden at any time, and Oregon lobbyists can’t contribute). What Merkley conveniently left out was donations from individuals, which can easily make up a healthy bulk of a candidate’s war chest.

State Representative Jerry Krummel is frustrated that he cannot represent his district by being denied the right to submit legislative ideas. Such censorship may cost the state millions. Krummel has a bill to make Oregon sex offender website program follow in line with national uniform standards. Oregon stands to lose as much as $4 million in lost Bryne grants if it does not act in time. Why would the state turn down free money? States are trying to act by 2009 to make their standards uniform.

Also in the news is the Democrat majority’s version of strengthening driver’s license requirements. Critics say that early drafts have such restrictions below real ID act standards, have loopholes and lack the identify theft protections.

Disclaimer: With Legislative Session news comes fast and furious and is often updated for additional information and revisions.

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  • rural resident

    Jason …. Do you intend that to say “prevent no minority reports” and “no bills submitted by individual members?” That’s a double negative, which would seem to indicate that both minority reports and bills submitted by individual members are OK. I think you’re trying to say that the opposite is true — that neither can be submitted.

    It’s also true that bills cannot be submitted by individual members of the majority party, should they want to introduce ideas that the legislative leadership doesn’t want to see discussed.

  • John Fairplay

    Censorship is wrong – in the Legislature and on this blog. I wonder what ideas the Democrats are so afraid of that they have to deny their even being heard?

  • rinowatch

    1. Republicans should not even be attending this Illegal-Unconstitutional circus.
    (please don’t tell me that the “judges” said it was OK…)
    2. Why would the so-called minority leader vote for the rules of the enemy?
    (please don’t tell me that the rules would have passed anyway when Edwards returned)
    3. You don’t participate in Illegal-Unconstitutional session and you Certainly don’t vote with the oppositions rules unless….

    • John Fairplay

      No criticism of Rep. Hanna is allowed on this site.

  • Jerry

    I agree guys – these “elected officials” should not even be in Salem. What a sham.

  • Gullyborg

    This is why they lost in 2006 and why they will lose again in 2008.

  • Jeff

    I’m curious…. what does it take to make a quorum, and if the Republicans went home, would it be enough gone to stymie any activity?

    • Sybella

      Yes but would they do it. I can’t see where they would be helping us at all if they stay.

  • Ed

    Merkley and any other cronies that supported such legislation, i.e. censorship should step down from office immediately. If they want this tyrannical nonsense they need to move to Cuba or Venezuela where freedom and liberty do not exist; in that way they can live with other elitist dictators like themselves.

  • Tim Lyman

    Our current crop of Republican legislators remind me of the running gag in the Charlie Brown comic strip where Lucy keeps pulling the foot ball every time he tries to kick it, yet he keeps falling for it.

    I mean, really, is this a surprise to anyone? Come on folks, how many times do the D’s need to kick you in the tender spot before you get a clue?

  • Chuck

    Wow!! Fascism is alive and well. Suppress dissent Democrats! Break out your jackboots and brown shirts. Show your true colors. Don’t be shy. Most of us already know that you are fascists anyway.

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