2 polls blow GOP Presidential race wide open

First, this weekend’s Florida straw poll showed Herman Cain with a huge 37% and Rick Perry as 15% (full poll results below). Second, came a national Zogby Poll which showed Herman Cain ahead once again.  WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?   Please comment below:

Zogby Poll (Zogby poll here)
Herman Cain: 28%
Rick Perry: 18%
Mitt Romney: 17%
Ron Paul: 11%
Newt Gingrich: 6%
Jon Huntsman: 5%
Michelle Bachman: 4%
Rick Santorum: 2%
Gary Johnson: 1%

Florida Straw Poll
Herman Cain, 37.1%
Rick Perry, 15.4%
Mitt Romney, 14.0%
Rick Santorum, 10.9%
Ron Paul, 10.4%
Newt Gingrich, 8.4%
Jon Huntsman, 2.3%
Michele Bachmann, 1.5%

  • Hoping for Romney & Cain as VP

    Amazing that lifetime pal of the Mexican Mafia- Rick Perry, is still in the double digits. Hopefully he will keep dropping and quit soon.

    No true conservative can be an enabler for illegal immigration and keep looking the other way while over 80% (Eighty Percent) of New Jobs in Texas since 2007 went to Immigrants, legal & illegal, NOT to Americans!

  • IAMCoyote

    Zogby is not a reliable polling firm. They fell off the map about ten years ago.

  • Bob Clark

    This doesn’t seem right.  Very few people (almost anywhere) know the name Herman Caine.  The only ones that do are political wonks.  I don’t really know much about him myself.  Maybe what this says is sideshow artist Sarah Palin should get in the race now.  I don’t have a problem with Palin herself but I find her family kind of reflective of some dysfunction (kind of taking away some from her credabilty).

    Boy all of this just goes to show how great Reagan was.  A man who knew what he stood for, that being, individual responsiblity and free markets.  Palin seems at times to be in this camp, but she doesn’t have a long enough track record to be sure.

    The thing bothering me currently about Herman Caine is earlier this year Obama’s press secretary suggested they feared Herman Caine the most of the GOP challengers.  If they really feared his candidacy would they have told the media so?  A reason to be skeptical.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      I would disagree with you Bob on the name recognition.  Obviously, after Florida, the polls and debate, he does have some serious traction.  It will take more good Americans to just plain listen to the man.
      How great was Reagan?  Great.  BUT, that was in 1976 and 1980.  Not as good in ’76 as ’80, lost to the golf caddy.  He honed his message and blew the lid off in ’80.  Herman Cain(no e) will do much the same except he doesn’t have the luxury of waiting 4 more years. 
      They do fear him.  Unfortunately, race IS still a factor in American politics.  His color will match him up very nicely against “the one”.

  • valley person

    Herman Cain? And why not? If one can run a pizza store once can certainly run down a nation.

    Has the Republican party really gone this far over the edge? 

    • If one can run…. well…. nothing… one can run a nation.  After all, isn’t that how we got the empty-suited moron we’ve got running the show now?

      • the real valley person

        No. You got the empty suited moron by having preceded him with the worst president since Hoover. You know, the former Texas governor. 

  • 3H

    Please… please, please, please –  A Cain-Bachmann ticket.  I don’t want a boring election – I want whacked out crazy.   Please, Republicans — Herman Cain is your man. Don’t look at Romney or Huntsman.  BORING!   You don’t want boring.  You want excitement!  You want to get up in the morning and wonder what Herman Cain had to say.  I don’t ask for much – just this please.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I wouldn’t be all that skeptical of the White House fearing Cain as a candidate. First of all the guy has actually run a business. That will be huge in the election. Second of all he is black. Given recent statements by the congressional black caucus, should Cain run it’s bye bye 99% of the black vote for BO. Without large and virtually 100% of the black vote, Democrats lose the election. If you think White House Democrats haven’t run that little scenario through their heads, guess again. 

    • the real valley person

      Did black people only vote for Obama because he is black? If yes, then why did they vote for Clinton and Kerry in similar proportions? Could it have something to do with policies, and not just color of skin. 

      Running someone for president who has never served in elective office and has no public record assumes that politics is not a skill developed through experience. An interesting experiment to run, but with a lot at stake. Shouldn’t he try governor or senator or even mayor first? Even his track record in business is what….a single success story? If you want a business person pick Romney. 

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >Did black people only vote for Obama because he is black?

        Yawn – Nothing is more ridiculous than a Democrat sitting there saying “who me? identity politics? we would never do that”

        Get real. Please dont try and make the argument that Cain v. Obama would not
        result insubstantial change in the black vote. People will laugh at you
        more than they already do.

        >If yes, then why did they vote for Clinton and Kerry in similar proportions?

        When Obamas poll numbers are are low as they are, with blacks being the only ones rating him favorably by huge margins, you have got to be kidding if you think this is a question with any intellectual credibility.

        Trust me, if Cain runs, he would get 30% of the black vote at a bare minimum. And that, my friend, means bye bye Obama.

        >Running someone for president who has never served in elective office
        and has no public record assumes that politics is not a skill developed
        through experience.

        Are you aware Obama is president?

        The guy had 100 some odd days in the senate and listed his prior job as community organizer. He ran against a guy who had been in the Senate for 100 years.

        Ok, so that bit of nonsense doesn’t get to first base either.

        Are ya done?

        Yep, I think you are.

        • the real valley person

          I’m not “trying” to make the argument. I’m making it. Black people don’t vote for black candidates who have policies they don’t favor when they have another choice. New Orleans now has a white mayor for that reason. Clinton and Kerry got almost the same percent of black vote as Obama. If policy didn’t matter, why didn’t 25% or more vote for Bush or Dole? Were Clinton and Kerry darker skinned?

          Republicans threw away the black vote when their leaders opposed the civil rights act. They confirmed that when Reagan ran on state’s rights. And they have gone on confirming that ever since. They threw away most of the Jewish vote when they excluded them from their country clubs. And they (you) are presently throwing away the Hispanic vote for a generation or two on your rigid immigration positions. And did I mention gays? And public workers? And your last bastion, old white people, will desert you if you nominate Mr SS is unconstitutional Rick Perry. 

          Blacks are not the only ones rating Obama high right now. White liberals also rate him high. Educated people rate him high. Democrats as a whole rate him high. Hispanics rate him high. Look it up.

          Cain would be very lucky to get 10% of the black vote. 30% ain’t gonna happen.

          Yes, I’m aware Obama is president. I’m also aware he served as a state senator and a US senator before he ran and got himself elected president. So he met my test.

          Yeah, I’m done now. Go and buy your Cain for president pin. It will be a collectors item in no time. Cain who?

    • 3H

      So, and just for the sake of argument, say that Obama doesn’t run for President (for whatever reason) and the Dems pick Hillary.   In a Cain vs. Hillary match-up what percentage of the black vote do you think Cain would get?

      • valley person

        30% of all black millionaires. 

  • Devin

    It says that Herman Cain would make a great president.  There is no one that has the executive experience that he has.  He has stayed out of the political bickering and is now rising above that as people see him as the person with the solutions.  He didn’t just talk about Social Security as a Ponzi scheme, he proposed how to fix it permanently, not just with a temporary adjustment.  He has a simple tax plan that will work to fix this economy, the 999 plan of 9% income tax, 9% corp tax, and 9% sales tax.

    • the real valley person

      Even assuming his plan is any good and adds up mathematically (which I doubt), given he has never had to pass a piece of legislation in his life, how would he get support for what amounts to a radical restructuring of the American tax system? Remember, he would need 60 votes in the Senate. Even if he got 60 Republicans, they would include Snowe and Collins. The tea party is not going to be a super majority.

      Anyone can dream up a plan. And if you are a CEO you can issue marching orders. But anyone in politics know this is not possible in our shared power system. Cain, in my opinion is a fantasy candidate. If by some fluke he was nominated and then elected, the first thing they would hand him is the codes for waging nuclear war. Two weeks after being elected he would be faced with a crisis he didn’t even imagine. A tsunami or earthquake that levels a major city, a big terrorist attack,the Taliban taking over Pakistan,  a meltdown of the Euro. That is what is at stake here. So get serious. And find a candidate who is serious.

      And before you hand me the what about Obama question, whatever experience he didn’t have before election, he has had it now. And if you think his learning curve has been costly to the nation, consider the learning curve of a Cain or Bachman.

      You have a few people in your primary who have the minimum quals for the presidency, which include governing states and service in Congress. Cain is not among them. 

  • Anonymous

    The word I hear about the last few debates is Perry and Romney were throwing verbal nukes at each other and forgot its about beating  Obama.  I must not be the only Republican who thinks this Mutually Insured Destruction and sniping is very distasteful.  Perry and Romney need to be rebuked by the voters.

    • Lulz

      What are the premiums on a Mutually Insured Destruction?   

      • Anonymous

        I have no idea since I can not see the word order correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, amazing how many people have not done their homework on the candidates.  You keep trying to support the candidates that are “status quo”.  Perry is a former democrat, chairman for Al Gore.  He changed parties on the advice of Karl Rove, the shyster.  Romney a flip flopper, instituted Romneycare in MA. Cain is former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve!  Bachmann has serious issues, she voted back in the Patriot Act, her family still accepts subsidies in farming and more. Palin isn’t even running yet!  Ron Paul is the only one that defends the Constitution and you can check his voting record for the last 20 years. He is consistent.  He warned that the economy would be in the terrible state it is in right now, 10 years ago.  Are you going to let the mainstream media pick your candidates for you AGAIN!?  Geez people, WAKE UP!

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