Taxpayer Awards Winners Announced

We had a packed house at the 2008 Taxpayer Awards, broadcasted live from the Portland Airport Shilo Inn on the Victoria Taft KPAM 860AM radio program. Some of the guest presenters (photo) Rep. Kim Thatcher, Rep. Jerry Krummel, Rep. Dennis Richardson, Rep. Linda Flores and TAO President Don McIntire. Sponsors were Oregon Executive Club and the Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Thomas Jefferson Award:
George Taylor, State Climatologist
In defense of science over politics: State Climatologist George Taylor has made national impact with his demonstratable problems with many global warming theories. Governor Kulongoski has been trying to use a technicality to forbid him from using the title State Climatologist and left him out of the Governor’s Strategy for Greenhouse Gas Reductions.

More results below:Wiener Politician Award:
Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Jeff Merkley.
The two legislative leaders approved an astonishing 21% budget growth with the help of $856 million in new taxes and 44 fee increases. To prevent future citizen dissent, they also passed tough new petition regulations making it twice as hard for citizens to petition their government. They sent voters an anti-property rights ballot measure (Measure 49) and an anti-double majority protection ballot measure and wrote their own highly deceptive ballot title.

Pork Barrel Project:
Million Dollar Consultant Mistake
Portland paid a consultant firm $900,000 to save the city money. The consultant came up with only $61,000 in savings.

Bureaucratic Bungler:
Baby Gabriel goof-up
Two state panels tried to separate 2-year old baby Gabriel away from his Oregon foster parents and send him to Mexico (where he has never been and does not speak the language).

Golden Schnoz Award:
Foster parent gun rule: The Human Services Department tried to void second amendment gun rights for foster parents who had concealed gun permits.

Government Innovation Award:
Feds inquire on missing Oregon roads: The Federal Highway Department made headlines when it criticized Metro’s transportation plan. The plan ignored people who drive cars which was the primary purpose of the plan.

Excellence in Journalism Awards:
— “$1 billion can’t cut class size” Scott Learn & Steven Carter, The Oregonian
— “Truth And Consequences” Nigel Jacquiss, Willamette Week
— “95% of drivers buckle up, so why the tickets?” Ryan Knutson, The Oregonian
— “Are those cranes or an inventory glut on the horizon?”, Ellen Lewis, Brainstorm Magazine

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