Ford pulls bailout commercial — political pressure?

Ford Motors ran this TV commercial and then after one week pulled it. Rumors say the White House put pressure on Ford to pull the ad whereas Ford says the ad ran its course for one week. Read here, comment below.

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  • Ava

    Maybe Ford had second thoughts

  • Anonymous

    It’s highly unlikely that Ford pulled this spot because it had run “its course.” Other ads in the campaign have been running for weeks, so why would this one ad be finished after only a week on the air? More likely, the Detroit newspaper was  correct in reporting pressure from the Obozo White House…that is, after all, the way Obozo operates.

    This is Chicago style through and through. Politics and thuggery combined. The UAW also, in all likelihood, had a hand in it. The Obozo administration, in the midst of its collapsing  numbers, hardly needs an American automaker out there telling the truth.

    By the way liberals, we don’t need some phoney, baloney comparison of Obozo to Ronald Reagan. Yes, Reagan’s negatives were as low as Obozo’s but Reagan had the economy going in the right direction. You want to compare something, compare Obozo’s handling of the economy with Reagan’s.

  • Christie for Prez 2012 please

    FORD, former acronym for fix or repair daily, has improved in recent times to a point I’ve returned to purchasing their product.  That said, if the Obamanation told ’em to return to their otherwise, I sa…Yugo to hell Mr Bury US Soandso!  Argh!  Through the bum bum out!

  • Carguy

    If Ford caved to this White House team then that is worse than them taking bailout money. Much worse.

  • Carol

    I wish that they had kept it going and stood their ground.  Don’t let the government tell you what to do.  It is not THEIR company.

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