Names floating for Hooley replacement

With Congresswoman Darlene Hooley’s surprise announcement, everyone is scrambling to see which Democrats and Republicans will fill the candidate’s seat. Although it is strickly rumor, some circles are talking about Kevin Mannix (intra-political man of action). The timing also bodes well for State Representative Brian Boquist who ran for the seat previously. Boquist is retiring but jumped at the chance to replace Senator Gary George when he announced his surprise retirement. Boy, we are in a land of surprises.

Please add your rumor to our list.

  • devietro

    Kevin Mannix would be the worst possible choice for that office. I like him, he has done good work but as an initiative activist he has too many dirty little secrets and too much scandal around him. He is been one of the states best advocates for victims and worked hard to fight crime. However he would not be able to win an election especially not in the current political climate.

    Boquist, I know almost nothing about so cant really comment on him.

    Mike Erickson has already run for the seat once and is doing so again. It makes no sense to have republicans waste resources on fighting each other. Let unify behind Erickson and get him elected.

  • Anonymous

    What about Bill Kennemer? He has a long history of elected office and is well liked in the community?

  • Alan

    Kennemer’s advantage is that he has great name ID from being Clackamas County Commissioner and former State Senator. But that leaves out Marion County. Bill can’t rely on his suave looks and name ID alone, he needs money.

    • devietro

      I new nothing about Kennemer before today, but a quick google search turns up at least two scandals one with hiring his wife under her maiden name, the second with a no-bid contract for AMR, who was a major contributor. I am sure he has positives in his background too but he will need to focus on a lot of good PR.

      • dean

        I know Bill pretty well. He is a good person, was a decent County Commissioner, and is a good liberal Republican in the bygone Oregon Packwood/Hatfield tradition, which is quite left of McCain. He could win the seat for your rapidly shrinking party. But I hope you manage to run a “true red” conservative so that we Dems can hold the seat.

        • CRAWDUDE

          That is a moderately conservative district , so I think Erickson is a good fit and has a great headstart against any potential DNC candidate.

          Dean, I know the GOP is fractured right now as can be proven by one of the Keating 5 becoming their nominee. I think you do have to remember that the DNC looked like it was on the brink after the ’94 elections. Many people thought they were on the ropes but they eventually came back.

          Currently the DNC controlled federal congress is 10 points behind even the president in popularity ratings. What goes up must come down, don’t gloat too much….quite yet.

          I believe the DNC will make sure that Hillary wins the nomination, if so McCain has a very good shot to win , though not with my vote. I think we’re in for an interesting election cycle.

          I’ll grant you that the Oregon state GOP is pathetic and weak!

          • dean

            CD…yes, I lived through the long liberal-Democratic train wreck, which really started with a failed war and the 1968 election. The Dems hung onto Congress for so long only through pork plus the legacy of racist, conservative Democrats, or DINOS (Democrats in name only) of the old south. But the civil rights act, Reagan (the old charmer), and age attrition turned the south into Republican territory, and led to their gaining Congress in 94.

            Now…we have a Republican crackup happening before our eyes, as all the contradictions of the warped “movement conservative” world view come home to roost after a number of years of exposure as actual policy makers. “Regime change” through military force and threats? Sounded good, but the test case went a bit astray. Ignore science and trash the environment? We lose an entire city. Cut taxes for the rich while fighting 2 wars? Yes…and DOUBLE the national debt in 7 years after a Democratic president (who would have ever thought) had finally balanced the budget. Give tax breaks to oil companies and blow off energy conservation? Yes, and see the price of oil triple, while we finance terrorists when we fill up our Hummers.

            And you want pork? They delivered. The bridge to nowhere, prescription drugs for seniors with NO need to negotiate down drug prices and practically forcing seniors into expensive private insurance, Haliburton and Bechtel “rebuilding” Iraq on no bid contracts…its been quite a party at the trough for K street and Abramoff.

            Yes, the Dems narrow majority in congress (Leiberman) has not been enough to undo the damage of a failed Republican President in only 1 year, so both are sinking in the polls. Still…I suspect come November the voters are going to increase the Dem majority AND elect either Hill or Obama.

            The Oregon GOP is out of touch with the voters Dude. This web site is the best example. Oregon conservatives seem to have convinced themselves that if they yell loud enough and think up fun names to call people they can make a lib-moderate state one that is like Texas, Mississippi or Oaklahoma. They are reality challenged, and I’m okay with that. It gives my side a much better chance to find a liberal-moderate replacement for Darlene Hooley.

            I was thinking this morning…when was the LAST time Oregon elected a true red meat conservative to a state wide office? Gordon Smith? Not. Atiyah? No. Packwood or Hatfield. Right. Tom McCall?

            The only time Republicans had any power in this state is when they were a liberal-moderate party. Given where the present party is headed, picking up speed to starboard where the great barrier reef lies, I feel pretty good. I wish you all bon voyage.

  • Stuart

    Good point dean, and with more democrats we can be saved from global warming with more regulations, restrictions, taxes, light rail, streetcars and subsidized high density development.

    • dean

      Stuart…yes, and I believe Bill K has been a supporter of those horrible things you listed, including the 205 light rail line and the Clackamas town center urban renewal. I don’t know where he stands on global warming. He also tried to get a County wide road maintenance fee passed, like the dreaded Sam Adams in Portland. He is a mainstream, reasonable, intelligent, moderate-liberal Republican of the old school. You should run away from him in horror. Get it?

  • Ted K Sucks

    Just a word to you TRUE RED CONSERVATIVES. I’m a long time registered Republican. And given the party’s pathetic track record on winning state elections, it will be a cold day in hell before I write another check to you SCHMUCKS. You are the most ignorant and pathetic group of pols ever. Keep on running hard right loons that are so far removed from the mainstream as to be laughable – and you will keep on losing elections every cycle.

  • Jack Roberts

    No question we have a lot of good prospects for this seat, including Bill Kennemer and Brian Boquist, but I would remind people that Kevin Mannix actually carried the 5th Congressional District against both Ted Kulongoski in 2002 and Hardy Myers in 2000.

    While Kevin has had trouble in statewide races–like every other Republican except Gordon Smith during the last 10 years–he is clearly the strongest candidate we have for this race right now, assuming he were willing to run. He has a strong base in Marion County and is popular in Clackamas and Polk Counties, and that’s easily 75% of the district right there.

  • We need a win

    People see Mannix as a joke now. How many times does he have to loose before the OR Rs drop him? He is able to raise money and drum up support but when it comes down to it he hasnt won an election in a long long time. He may have beat out sleepy Ted in 02 and old man Myers in 2000 but those were both R years and uninspiring D candidates. If an R is going to win, in what is looking like another D year, it is going to have to be an old style republican (the kind oregon elects) who doesnt just run for whatever is available. I really think Kennemere or Bruun or maybe even Boquist would be the best bet

  • R.A. Roll

    Just sat next to Boquist at the Benton County Lincoln Day Dinner. His wife said he hadn’t decided between State Senate or Congress yet. We’ll see what happens.

  • Coffeetrader

    Boquist is the man or politician for this opening. He has the experience running and holding officce. He is also a small business man and not necessary a career politicna.

    This is something in which we do not need in Congress. All I want is a Republican in Hooley’s place.