Mike Erickson press release

Press release from candidate Mike Erickson and GOP Chairman Vance Day


Salem, OR — Mike Erickson today issued the following statements regarding Congresswoman Hooley’s decision to not seek re-election: “I would like to thank Darlene Hooley for her service to our state. I appreciate her commitment to the people of Oregon and extend my best wishes to her and her family in the years ahead.”

“I look forward to bringing real change and new ideas to Congress. I am running to represent Oregonians, to help improve our economy and to balance the budget without raising taxes. Having run a highly successful company and knowing how to balance the books, I believe I am uniquely qualified to get the job done on day one.”

“I also would like to thank Chairman Day and the Oregon Republican Party for their continued support of my candidacy.”

The Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party released the following statement this morning:
“We have a strong candidate in Mike Erickson. As a successful business owner and a long time community leader, Mike will be an excellent representative for Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District.”

“The National Republican Congressional Committee was excited about Mike Erickson’s candidacy in this race long before Rep. Hooley’s decision to retire. Mike Erickson is a great candidate. His message of real change in Washington and new ideas in Congress, along with his strong record as a businessman, offer the citizens of Oregon’s 5th Congressional District with the leadership and vision needed to win this seat in November.” — Ken Spain, NRCC Press Secretary

The Erickson for Congress campaign has raised over $170,000 to date. These contributions continue to come almost exclusively from individuals in Oregon.

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    Listen gentlemen the only real question that we all want answered is why did the national RNC/GOP leadership commit suicide/hare cari
    with John McCain?

    In all of the history of the party it has never been this bad. They are making it look like they lost their way and have given up completely on winning even a tiddly winks contest.

    Why the hell have they laid down and died? Who in the hell is in charge of the party and why have they be emasculated? I am pissed off and want an answer!

    What is the Oregon leadership doing to find out, or inform us as to what the hell is going on?

    • R.A. Roll

      In a word… Stupid.

      There are plenty of places on the internet you can complain about how terrible you think Senator McCain is, but why did you have to crap up a good post like this one. It would be like walking into a room full or people talking about Mike Erickson and shouting “I hate John McCain.”

      Additionally, if you want to blame someone for McCain’s impending nomination, blame the people who vote. Pinning this one on party leadership was really ignorant and demonstrated a pretty severe lack of political knowledge.

      Lastly, I don’t think anybody has given up on winning anything. The polling numbers suggest that primary voters picked their best shot at defeating either probable Democrat in a general election. So you disagree with McCain on campaign finance or immigration? He will be much more easily swayed to your view on things than any Democrat.

      Think pragmatically, and unload your uneducated ranting somewhere else.

  • Bo

    Mike has forseight and gumption to keep in the race for a second time. I reckon it will get crowded real soon. My advice to Mike is to do as much as you can now, it will help you later.

  • Coffeetrader

    Good point that Mike or all the other candidates whom are interested in replacing Hooley should get started now. For it will help them in the future when things get fun. I am talking about closer to the elections.

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