This Wednesday: anti-petition group to testify

Tomorrow, the pundits who do not like people voting too often will be testifying in the Senate and House Elections and Ethics Committee. The Portland City Club which issued a report this year calling for huge curbs to the people’s initiative process is on the agenda. They are scheduled to testify at both 8:00am in the House Election Committee (Room F) and 3:00pm in the Senate Election Committee (Room B). Those who care about our right to petition our government should pay close attention.

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  • Honest Abe

    The City Club report recommends a system where initiatives are first submitted to the legislature for hearings, following which the legislature can accept the policy as is (meaning, the initiative activists’ idea wins without them having to spend millions on a campaign), or send it straight out to the voters as, with the option of also referring an alternative measure.

    So, if you don’t just win straight up in the first round, you still get to make your case to voters. If that happens, voters will have more, not fewer, policy choices at the ballot, and they can choose the one they like best.

    How is that not liking people to vote too often, or a “huge curb to the people’s initiative process,” or interfering with anyone’s right to petition our government?

    If I remember right, they’ve also recommended that ballot measures that will cost money be required to specify the source of that money, either through new revenue or program cuts–isn’t that just economic common sense? And isn’t that the same principle we demand from the legislature?

  • Ted Kennedy’s Liver

    Once again the City Club demonstrates that it has degenerated into a fools’ luncheon.

    If the legislature were passing the laws that the petitioners wanted, the petitioners wouldn’t be petitioning would they?

    This is a deliberate attempt to kill the initiative process by sending measures to the legislature, who can then pass declawed versions and falsely declare to the public that they’ve dealt with the problem in order to deliberately undermine the measure when it passes out for a ballot.

    William U’ren’s RPM just went up by a couple of hundred.


    Ah yes, the downtown elitists are trying to help the little people with our voting troubles. Pathetic ivory tower elitists!

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    I do not care about the comments all I want are the names of the people opposed. They will be added to the list of worthless politicians that will be voted out of office. If they own a business they will reap the whirl wind of misfortune. Kind of like the schumachers. We are sick and tired of paying people to govern and they turn around and dry screw us for every dime we have. Enough is enough!

  • Anonymous

    I hate it that we only get “The City Club” instead of the names of those at the city club who are responsible for this.

    Can we get the names?
    Did the Club vote on this?

  • Anonymous

    Is there room for a class action suit here?


      Probably not, but I would love for the Catalyst to pront the names of these people and the businesses they are associated with. I think a loss of business might encourage them to mind their own.

  • Pat Ryan

    Wow. I thought you guys were Republicans. You know, the idea of representative government being superior to direct democracy.

    Like Nathan Arizona sez to the FBI agent in the movie, “Isn’t that your whole raison d’etre?”

    U’ren is indeed spinning as progressives try to mitigate the mockery that you guys have made of the system that he championed to give a voice to the “common man”, while you guys press to protect the monster that you’ve made it into.

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