• Great political cartoon dept.

    Great political cartoon re the political hypocrisy of those on the left who oppose logging and yet use wood products. Fantastic!!!!

  • Chris McMullen

    Just like M49, the lefty proponents of that measure just wanted to secure more land for their chi-chi vineyards and organic orchards — as if vineyards and orchards are good for the environment.

    • dean

      Chris…given that the pro 49 vote was 60% or more in favor, that would be a lot of vineyard and orchard owners no? Could it be that our motivations were more complex, and perhaps varied?

      And Genie…last I checked a lot of conservationists have been working with foresters to find ways and places to log that do more good than harm. Why trot out a sterotype image that has more to do with the 80s than today?

      • Connecting the dots

        This cartoon isn’t a stereotype. The reality is that a lot of folks, even ex-Forest Service employees, don’t connect the dots between logging and wood products use. Thinning is fine but more is needed like salvage logging.