Oregon Transformation ads: hope for Oregon’s bad economy

by NW Spotlight

The Oregon Transformation Project has created some TV commercials on Oregon’s bad economy. One of those commercials speaks to the painful difficulties that new college graduates face trying to find work in Oregon.

Oregon Transformation understands that most Oregonians know the state economy is in crisis – the purpose of the ads is to show that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here’s how Oregon Transformation lays it out:

Oregon’s economy is not just a victim of national economic forces. Things indeed ARE different here; they are worse. In the last 15 years, per-capita income in Oregon has fallen 8 places, from 22nd to 31st in the nation. Meanwhile, all of our western neighbors have remained about the same.

The cumulative weight of the bad choices made by a generation of failed leadership has now cascaded down upon us. But Oregonians are resilient. Oregon can be transformed!

With new ideas and new leaders we can rebuild a robust private sector, which is essential to maintain Oregon’s quality of life.

The Oregon Transformation Project is building that solid foundation of effective new ideas and is supporting new leaders who will reinvigorate Oregon’s economy.

Visit the Oregon Transformation web site to find five simple things YOU can do to transform Oregon.