Lars Larson on Health Care as a Right

Would you believe health care as a constitutional right? I don’t!

Yah, the idea has come up again. It will probably be presented to the voters. The Oregon legislature in its illegal special session seems ready to send to the voters this choice, “Would you like to have health care guaranteed as a government provided constitutional right in Oregon?”

Well, who’s going to say “no” to that? Free stuff, with somebody else paying the bill. Of course, that’s the problem with government programs. It’s always somebody else paying the bill. The problem is, a lot of the people who were the “somebody elses” have decided to leave Oregon and if you put this kind of burden on them, more will leave. It’s a bad idea.

Look, health care is important, but health care as a constitutional right? Why don’t we include housing? How about food? How about water? How about all of those things guaranteed as a constitutional right and somebody else pays the bill? We’d probably all sign up for it if we believed in turning Oregon more Socialist than it already is.