Working family tax relief

Senator Ted Ferrioli and other members of the Republican caucus recently proposed a comprehensive tax relief and economic stimulus package. The package is designed to create jobs, give working families relief from unfair tax rates and demand more accountability from government. The proposal would give the average Oregon family an extra $408 every year and create 19,951 jobs.

You can see Ferrioli announcing the concept here:

The Oregonian mentions it here:

Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli, R-John Day, said the Legislature should cut some state income tax rates as a way to stimulate the economy.

Ferrioli said his “working family tax cut” would give the average Oregon family an extra $408 every year. The money to pay for the tax cut could come from suspending the raises and making a 5 percent across-the-board reduction in state agency spending.

  • Jerry

    Sadly, this inept effort would not even give enough tax relief for the increases in fees that these “public servants” have enacted recently.
    Sad – very sad indeed.
    How can $400 even make the news??? It is nothing in the overall scheme of things.
    If you want to creat incentives and awaked Oregon’s economy, just get rid of the state income tax.

  • rinowatch

    You call this leadership? My Oh My…………

  • Anonymous

    Do you think he could have had a more boring speech written for him?


    He knows he can’t get this introduced, he’s a moron and should’ve instructed the GOP legislators to boycott this session.

  • dean

    And what programs that serve these same working class people does Ferrioli propose to cut to pay for the tax reduction? And does he support the Kevin Mannix measure that ADDS $200 million to the state budget? Who pays for that one?

    No wonder the state Republicans can’t even manage the budget in their own party office. They stink at math.

  • John Fairplay

    Limiting the taxpayers obligation for government employee health care insurance premiums to $6,000 per year would save $220 million per year. Let’s do that to pay for Mannix’ bill, which at least deals with something government ought to be doing.

  • Jerry

    This guy supports my contention that they really are clueless.

  • eagle eye

    All I can say is, this hasn’t a snowball’s chance. You guys who are dreaming of more — why do you bother?


      Exactly EE!

  • RinoWatch

    Upon further review I’m wondering why the George’s, Girod, and Kruse would stand behind this filbert…..(Larry’s hiding on the right, but saw him in a brief flash)

    • dean

      To John Fairplay…fine. Then Mannix should identify that as part of the initiative, or the state should first re-negotiate the contract with state workers to get the savings, don’t you agree?