House GOP teacher-abuse bill blocked by Dems

From House Republicans Press Release 2-19-08:

Democrats Block Bill Introduction on Partisan Vote

SALEM”” House Republicans today proposed cracking down on practices that allow abusive school teachers to be re-hired in different school districts. By a partisan vote on the House Floor, Democrats rejected suspending rules to allow the emergency legislation to be introduced during the February session.

News media yesterday reported on the practice of “passing the trash,” where teachers who sexually or physically abuse their students are able to find new teaching positions at other schools. Currently, a schools district can withhold information regarding sexual or physical abuse from another district if the information is enclosed in a confidential agreement or settlement.

House Republicans proposed requiring a school district to release the background information if another school district needs it to make a safer hiring decision.

“The February session was originally intended to address the most pressing issues,” said House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg), who brought the issue to the House Floor. “Democrats recently introduced new legislation giving their referrals better placement on the ballot, yet they’re refusing to consider a child protection bill. We simply shouldn’t wait until 2009 to bring transparency to the teacher hiring process.”

Rep. Hanna needed rules suspension to have the bill drafted and introduced because the rules, written by the Speaker and passed by House Democrats, prohibit Republicans from introducing their own legislation for consideration.

“We have a responsibility to keep abusive school teachers out of Oregon’s classrooms,” said Rep. Karen Minnis (R-Wood Village). “The Legislature must decide if we want to protect abusive teachers or to protect children. Today, House Democrats made the wrong choice.”


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  • John Fairplay

    It’s for the kids.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look for, the union label, when you are buying a coat dress or blouse.

    Teachers Unions vs. Kids? I mean, is this even worth mentioning any more when it comes to how Democrats will vote?

  • sschaloc

    lik kin u spel UNION

  • Jerry

    Of course they blocked it. The OEA owns the Dems in Salem…quite literally.
    Nice work!

  • reactive

    This is a complicated problem that will not be resolved by a knee jerk call for action. The pressure must be placed where it belongs, on the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators and the Oregon School Board Association. It is the administrators and School Board members who make the decisions to cut deals with teachers. It is not a new issue. Careful manuvering will result in much tighter requirements and that will protect the children.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah right

    • Rob

      Since when is avoiding a knee-jerk reaction a demo/liberal course of action. I site global warming as one example. If it protects the environment or unions, it’s a democrat policy.

      Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach. Unfortunately, our children.


    More sad proof of who runs this state; the liberals are in the pockets of the Public Unions. This is quickly becoming a child molester safe state. Its yet another sad day for the children of this state, when their own government won’t protect them 🙁

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    OK people, when it comes time to vote don’t get amnesia. If you vote them out you can take back what is ours. That being reason, law, the will of the people. Hey how about some ambitious person make up a report card system and get it mailed out with the ballots. I for one would be willing to chip in on the cost and you can vote with evidence in your hand. I mean both sides of the isle to not just the demoncrats. How about that Oregon Catalyst it could be electronic instead and on your dime.

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