Kevin Mannix will run for Congress to replace Hooley

Good sources have confirmed that it is a dead set-certainty that Kevin Mannix will announce a run for the 5th Congressional seat vacated by Darlene Hooley any day now. The numbers show incredible name ID for Mannix in the district.

This has been the result of a long career of activities as a lawmaker, state party chair, statewide candidate for various offices, and promoting many ballot measures for nearly 20 years. It has been speculated that Hooley’s surprise late announcement would handicap a Republican challenger. Mannix’s early name ID and ability to fundraise negates this handicap.

The short time between when overseas ballots get mailed and the election will make this a whirlwind race in a very unpredictable election year. (I would like to emphasize “unpredictable” election year)