Kevin Mannix will run for Congress to replace Hooley

Good sources have confirmed that it is a dead set-certainty that Kevin Mannix will announce a run for the 5th Congressional seat vacated by Darlene Hooley any day now. The numbers show incredible name ID for Mannix in the district.

This has been the result of a long career of activities as a lawmaker, state party chair, statewide candidate for various offices, and promoting many ballot measures for nearly 20 years. It has been speculated that Hooley’s surprise late announcement would handicap a Republican challenger. Mannix’s early name ID and ability to fundraise negates this handicap.

The short time between when overseas ballots get mailed and the election will make this a whirlwind race in a very unpredictable election year. (I would like to emphasize “unpredictable” election year)

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    Thank you Kevin! We need a law and order man at the helm and someone whom is not afraid to smack the status quo up side the head and get us back on the right path. But If you were the Mayor of Portland you could do more good for the citizens of Oregon. Everybody knows that Portland is the heart and soul of Oregon and if you cleaned up this crap hole and dumped the corupt dynasty within you could influnence the rest of Oregon and lead them to the high road.

    • Alan

      I think it would be interesting to see Congressman Mannix on TV talking about the issues. I think Oregon would get more on the map because of it.

  • Jeff

    Well, that’s going to annoy Mike Erickson.

  • eagle eye

    Kevin, good luck. I think you have a real chance here and the numbers for a statewide office just don’t add up for you (or any other Republican, I’m afraid.) I voted for you two or three times for governor — including primaries — I hope you win something now.


    I don’t dislike Mannix but I think its wrong for him to run for a seat that he wasn’t willing to run for prior to stiffer competition retiring. Mike Erickson has had the guts to run against Hooley before and should be given the chance to run for this seat again.

    Its not my district either way so all I can hope is that a conservative picks up the seat, whoever they are.

  • Bad boy Brown

    I certainly hope he will do better than the job he did while chairing the State Republican Party. Given the poor financial shape the Party is in right now; both Mannix and Day need to be tarred and feathered.

    • dean

      Mannix is much better suited to Congress. At the state level one actually has to balance budgets. In Congress it is total party time. He can advocate prison building from coast to coast and can cut taxes at the same time. Easy money.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Would you be referring to the Democrat controlled Congress in Washington or the Democrat controlled congress in Oregon?

        You’re blaming Mannix because the Democrat controlled congress’ can’t cut spending?

        • rural resident

          The DEMOCRATS are the ones who can’t control spending? The Rs had a complete stranglehold on all three branches of government for most of the first six years of W’s administration. We went from a small debt in January of 2001 to one requiring more places than I can enter in my calculator. It wasn’t the Dems who created THAT monster.

          • CRAWDUDE

            True, but they don’t now and the Dems are snout deep into the trough! As they will be next year and the year after until they lose their majority. Neither party is going to cut or scale back the budget and especially not the Congressional members of either party.

            It’s a waste if time blaming one particular party for the corruption that has permeated both.

  • Oh great, Mannix again? Nothing better than a guy who, although right on the issues, has a likeability factor approaching that of dental floss running yet again.

    Lets face is, Hooley had an IQ close to a cantaloupe, could we please not lose this, maybe easy win, by running a proven loser?

    Good lord, if I hear the name Mannix associated with anything other than the weirdly persuasive interracial detective show starring Mike Connors ever again it will be too soon.

    Mannix couldn’t win the prize in a box of Cracker Jack’s, could the Republican Party of Oregon please stay a little late after class and do some remedial work on this one? Anyone, I mean anyone other than Mannix. How about a Lag Bolt? They turn right to get things done and would have a better chance of being elected than Mannix.

    • eagle eye

      Other than Lag Bolt, who do you recommend? Ron Saxton? He ran worse than Mannix for governor. Bill Sizemore perhaps?

      • Rupert in Springfield

        You know the sad thing is I cant think of anyone. Yes, thats really lame and sorry to be so negative. It just would be nice to win this seat back after the previous holder, Jim Bunn as I recall, seemed to forget he had been elected and essentially quit after one term.

    • Bad Boy Brown

      How dare you say anything bad about Darlene Hooley. I like her and she likes me. Besides I like her cantalopes – if you know what I mean.

  • Bill Sizemore

    Mannix can and will win this seat. Jacklord, before you advise the Republican Party to do their homework before supporting a candidate, I suggest you do yours. No offense, but from a politcal science perspective, Mannix is the one person most likely to run for this seat and win it, Republicans and Democrats included.

    He is not just someone to thrw into the race to take a shot. He is easily the one person who could be elected to that seat.

    Abraham Lincoln lost something like six or seven races before he was elected president. He kept up the fight and his time came. This is Kevin’s time.

    Go for it, Kevin. I believe you will win.

  • Anonymous

    I hope he doesn’t run. Look at where he has put the party and now everything is in limbo. He would be wrong for this position.

  • anon

    And he’ll get all his money from that creepy, sex-pervert Loren Parks…. again. The opposition will just advertise Parks’ perverted websites and you’ll be able to put a fork in Mannix.

    I’d rather see Erickson too.

  • Jared

    Anon # 9 (Blue Oregon),

    Are you familiar with how Federal elections work? Have you ever donated to a candidate running for federal office?

    I think not.

    An individual is limited to giving $2,300.

    Read it, enlighten yourself, come back, say something intelligent.

    (O, and I might add, just in case you don’t know–Congressional elections are Federal elections.)

  • anon

    Parks has bankrolled pretty much everything Mannix has ever done. All he has to do is roll the money into a PAC, then the PAC supports whomever. Don’t be so naive. Hell, Parks can give the dough to the Oregon GOP with the understanding that it go to Mannix. There’s more holes in the rules than Swiss Cheese.

    Mannix once proposed that a woman considering an abortion would have to, by law, listen to the fetal heart beat. The D’s pull that out and Mannix is toast in any district in Oregon.

    • anon

      Anon 11,

      Why are you afraid of people listening to fetal heartbeats before making a decision? Afraid they won’t go through with the abortion when they realize it is an actual living being in them?

  • Jim

    Mannix is a joke! Anyone who thinks that he will actually win the 5th district is not using their head! He bankrupted the Republican Party of Oregon, He is on the way to bankrupting the state by pushing through tax cut measures along side mandatory sentencing, which if you do the math will bankrupt Oregon.

    He WILL lose yet another election!!

    • Marc


      Allow me to correct some of your misconceptions.

      1. When Mannix took over the Republican Party, it had a 6 figure debt. When he left, it was out of debt.

      2. Tax cuts always lead to increased revenue for government. What liberals fail to realize is people make economic decisions based on tax policy. When things look good for them, they invest, create jobs, lend, and generally increase the number of people paying taxes.

      In other words, when the price is low, the volume increases.

      3. Crime prevention should not be based on our ability to pay. When the state government was spending a few billion extra dollars last year, I heard not a peep from Democrats about how we would pay for all these new programs in a lean year. Nothing about all the new union government employees, nothing about the pay raises for political appointees and managers.

      While liberal policies greatly increased spending on bureaucracies that perform unmandated government functions, protecting public safety is the first priority of government. We should prioritize spending to protect the public from the emotional violence property criminals inflict, and the actual physical violence it degenerates into.

      4. Criminal behavior is expensive. While a criminal is incarcerated for a protracted period, he or she is not out committing more crimes. Think of it this way: crime is the criminal’s “job.” They commit several crimes a day to support a drug habit, generally. These crimes have to be investigated, adjudicated, and the property has to be replaced, etc. A criminal can commit several of these crimes and run up quite a tab before ever even being caught. This has a net drain on a society’s finances.

      So even if you eschew the moral argument and the poltical argument about a government’s duty to keep people safe, it is frankly more expensive to have them out.

      But that is not really what the liberal objection to incarceration is about. It is, in reality, an aversion to punishment in favor of an unrealistic and utopian vision that the criminal can be rehabilitated, and that his criminality is based on some personal misfortune that we can educate away. The reality is, in most cases, educating a criminal gets you a smarter criminal.

      When the person is ready to make real and lasting change in their life, society should be there to assist that person in their desire, with services to help them overcome their criminal tendencies. But society’s goal in this is first the further protection of those who abide by the law, not the personal interest of the lawbreaker.

      • dean

        Marc…the incarceration rate in the United states is about 750 per 100 thousand people. In the rest of the civilized world (Canada, Austrailia, Europe, etc) it ranges from around 70-120. So we lock up 7-10 times as many as nations of comparable wealth.

        We call ourselves the “land of the free, the home of the brave.” Yes we lock up 7-10 times as many of our fellow citizens as do other nations, and we are apparently not brave enough to deal with non violent theives with our own resources. Interesting.