Court case shadows CD-1 candidate Jim Greenfield

by NW Spotlight

Especially in the wake of the recent disgraces by Rep. Anthony Weiner and Rep. David Wu, voters in Oregon’s first congressional district are looking for candidates with integrity and character. To be able to withstand the many pressures of Washington DC requires candidates with strong values and principles.

A court case from earlier this year calls into question Jim Greenfield’s integrity, character and truthfulness. Jim Greenfield is one of five GOP candidates for the CD-1 special election primary. In a March 2011 judgment and oral opinion, an Oregon Circuit Court Judge excoriated Jim Greenfield for what the judge felt was intentionally giving false testimony, for breaching “the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing”, and for improper conduct.

The court case involved Jim Greenfield, with his two limited liability companies (LLC), seeking to evict a commercial property lessee and LLC partner, for not paying the rent due.

The court ruled against Jim Greenfield, did “not find Mr. Greenfield’s testimony and evidence credible”, and ordered Jim Greenfield to pay over $14,000 in court costs.

The improper conduct documented in the judge’s oral opinion included “a complete commingling of the assets…relates to the highly unusual practice that Mr. Greenfield insisted upon of having large cash payments made to him”, “the total or almost complete disregard of the formalities of limited liability companies…except when you believe it was to your advantage you really treated these as your own private piggy bank”, “insisting on cash payments” totaling $125,000, which the judge didn’t “know all the purposes and whether there were nefarious purposes”. The judge clarified that this wasn’t the usual business world use of the term “cash” which can involve checks, wired funds money orders, etc.; in the case of Mr. Greenfield, “cash” meant, in the judges words, “the green stuff, $20 dollar bills, $100 dollar bills”, which, “time after time” were going to an LLC where there were no corporate books or records, and where for two years of the lease the LLC that supposedly owned the commercial property didn’t even exist!

In directly addressing Jim Greenfield’s truthfulness, the judge made the following statements: “I reject Mr. Greenfield’s testimony. I do not find it credible.”, “I do not find Mr. Greenfield’s testimony and evidence credible.”, and “I do not accept Mr. Greenfield’s testimony on that” (regarding a promissory note).

The judge also explained that in evaluating witness testimony, juries are instructed that if they find any person has intentionally given false testimony in some part, they may distrust the rest of that person’s testimony. That explanation is a prelude to a rebuke of Jim Greenfield by the judge, who notes that Mr. Greenfield is highly educated, a law school graduate, admitted to the Bar in two states, has a high level of business sophistication and who certainly knows what it means to testify under oath. The judge continues, “Yet,…”, Jim gave testimony where the judge said “I don’t find that to be true. I find [it] just to be the opposite”.

The judge then took the unusual step of reading his scathing oral opinion AND having it printed and attached to his judgment order.

click here to read the court judgment and court’s oral opinion

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  • Rpb_sedna

    Hmmm.  In this era of bounced checks, business failures, and credit shortages, dealing in actual cash would seem to make sense.  Odd that the judge thinks so, but always issue wise and sage opinions, right? 😉

    To me, it looks like the campaign of at least one GOP candidate is starting to worry a little bit about Mr. Greenfield and has geared up their opposition research trying to drum something up.

    • Tom Joad

       It sure is a good thing the frontrunning candidate in the primary has Oregon Catalyst in his pocket as a reliable forum for hit pieces. Sad that OC has become the Republican Party’s version of Hillary Clinton’s PUMA.

      • john

        Well the main editor is Dan Lucas, which has publicly endorsed Rob Cornilles (look at robs website his name is listed right there).

    • Burton

      The important thing here is that the article speaks the truth. And, that speaks volumes about Jim Greenfield.  I’ve personally observed Greenfield’s underhanded campaign methods, acusing Rob of collaborating with liberal Democrats in his TV ad, and trying to steal the floor when it’s Rob’s turn to speak.

      A man who doesn’t want to leave a paper trail in his business dealings is not to be trusted making decisions on our behalf in Washington, DC. 

  • bill

    Judges are free to believe or disbelieve anyone they wish.  Their opinions normally should be given some weight, but experience suggests otherwise.  I know of several instances of judges calling statements false, even blatantly false, when in fact they were entirely true.
    The judge is not named in this story, but it is becoming increasingly routine for liberal judges to disbelieve conservative witnesses and to say so.  I recall one example where a witness was of the highest integrity and was being entirely truthful in his testimony, but was libeled by the judge right from the bench.  The witness was insulted publicly when in truth it was the judge that was dead wrong.
    Jim Greenfield may have been doing nothing wrong, except perhaps being sloppy in his bookkeeping.  If Republicans are going to chose their candidates based on what liberal judges say about them, there is going to be some pretty slim pickings.  Most of the judges in the tri-county area are liberal activists and know that they have to tow that line if they hope to be appointed to a seat on the appellate courts.  They are the ones with a credibility issue, and whoever wrote this article or asked that it be written should be suspect as well.

    • Joe

      Also note this is a multnomah county judge… I think that says a lot.

  • Brendan

    Wow . . . my condolences to all the Rob-haters out there!  This must be a really tough day for you all.

  • guest

    WOL for Scott Bruun move on over to CD1.  Pity, DEMographics kept him from CD5 – Shrader being as much a DNC cuckold as Wu.  No change in sight, either, with the crop of Dems running.  And with Cornilles, a possible RINO (for ducking Lars’ questions”, would like to see Bruun debating with Greenfield and Cornilles (complimented Larry Huss or Lars as moderator), hmm. 

    Anyhow, seeing the little red Wu choo train having gone chugging around the bend, certainly like to see what Bruun has to tender.  Scott, peerhaps, a Vin Diesel – not another lump of coal for CD1.   Maybe?

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