Lars Larson on Sex Abuse by Teachers

It’s about time the “daily dead fish wrapper” did a great set of stories.

Yah, that’s right, the “daily dead fish wrapper” newspaper, the Oregonian, did a great set of stories about teachers sex abuse. That is the abuse of students by their teachers in Oregon classrooms.

When the Oregonian looked up all the records for the past ten years, from ’97 to ’07, they turned up 129 teachers. That is basically one teacher a month for the last tem years who have been sexually abusing, molesting, or otherwise touching in ways that they should not, the students that are in their care.

What have the schools done about it? Well, in some cases they have gone after the teacher. But, in too many cases, they have actually allowed the teacher to simply leave, go on down the road to another job with a promise not to say anything bad about them as long as the teacher doesn’t take legal action against the school.

It’s not safeguarding the safety of students and the teachers and their union and the school districts ought to be ashamed.