Rumor: Allen Alley for Treasurer???

Who is Allen Alley? In a Republican primary, Allen Alley is chairman of Pixelworks, a fabless semiconductor company out in Tualatin. Allen Alley co-founded the company and has served as Chairman since the company’s inception. From 1997 to 2006 he has served as President and CEO of the company.

But in a general election, Allen Alley is a current Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor. Yes “¦ Allen Alley spends part of his day bringing a practical business perspective to the empty hallways of Governor Ted Kulongoski’s office. A new comer to the hands-on grind of politics, it is yet to be determined what impact the Governor’s office had on him or the impact the position had on them. But now he is a leading recruit in many circles as the Republican Nominee for Treasurer in the upcoming 2008 election. A once rumored candidate for the crowded OR -5 field, it appears increasingly likely that Allen is now lining up for the side wide office. A moderate to liberal Republican? Or A businessman just trying to do good? Time and a primary will bring us these answers.

  • rinowatch

    “_A moderate to liberal Republican? Or A businessman just trying to do good?_”

    Hopefully the latter or just another RINO.

  • John Fairplay

    Alley doesn’t strike me as a guy who has any particular set of principles to which he adheres. He hasn’t accomplished much if he has been trying to bring a “practical business perspective” to Kulongoski’s administration – it’s the most hostile to business in a while. Just another invisible bureaucrat.


    I’ll vote for anyone over Ben Westlund! I hope this guy does run!

  • Friends of Meatpuppet

    More of the same, yawn.

  • Harry

    Check out

    65% Republican, 35% Democrat.
    Saxton, Minnis, Scott & Courtney, Devlin, MacPherson

    The table may lose formatting, but you can see who and how much he’s donated.

    TABLE 2: Contributions to Candidates Candidate Office Status Party Records ↓Total↓
    SAXTON, RON GOVERNOR Lost – General Election REPUBLICAN 1 $2,500 See Records
    BRUUN, SCOTT HOUSE Won REPUBLICAN 1 $1,000 See Records
    COURTNEY, PETER SENATE Won DEMOCRAT 1 $1,000 See Records
    MINNIS, KAREN HOUSE Won REPUBLICAN 1 $1,000 See Records
    SCOTT, WAYNE HOUSE Won REPUBLICAN 1 $1,000 See Records
    DECKERT, RYAN SENATE Did Not Run DEMOCRAT 1 $500 See Records

    • Alan

      Now if he asked those folks for help, it would be great!

  • Weak!

    Another brilliant move, Vance Day!

    The Democrats are going to have a field day with this guy, who ran Pixelworks into the ground and continued taking MILLIONS in salary at the SAME TIME he was laying people off in droves.

    Sheezus! How do you think this is going to play in the General Election??? Suddenly, I see shades of Enron…

    I’m sorry, but Mr. Allen is going to be taken apart piece by piece, as stories of his business chicanery — true OR NOT — are custom-made fodder for the Democrat campaign machine.

    And this guy WORKED FOR KULONGOSKI???!!! So the conservative base isn’t fawning over him, and he’s going to try and out-moderate Ben Westlund, who’s already racked up Republican endorsers? I think at this point, Pixelworks is a better investment than this race.

    • Dylan

      First admission … I don’t know the actual facts with regards to the long term successes and/or failures of Pixelworks. I did look up the last quarter report and was impressed by the companies profitability during that last limited cycle. And I am also impressed by the adaptability of the company during the last few years.

      And it won’t be the first or last time that someone calls me me Callous . But what is so wrong with laying people off to make a company more profitable. Yes … it sucks to be the employee. We all know that. And many of us can personally empathize with the laid off employee. But that IS a skill that I am looking FOR in my elected official. I am looking for a government that is productive with my tax dollars. And it might require an administrator that is tight with the purse strings and eliminates duplicate employees … etc.

      • Weak!

        Dylan, you make a good point… But my problem isn’t with Alley’s business acumen, it’s with the eventual campaign.

        There is simply no way that Alley will be able to say, “Yes, I laid off workers while I got a huge cash bonus for the resulting efficiencies…” and then spin that into a positive. Campaigns are built on sound bytes, an Alley has got THE WORST sound bytes behind him. Whether it’s sound thinking or not, Allen Alley’s activities are what voters think of when they think of corporate shenanigans.

        I would say that someone should run against him in the primary, but that’d just be a waste of money. … Which come to think of it is probably why the Party asked Alley to do it: Why throw the Party’s money into the usual ill-fated and poorly messaged campaign when we can find one of Kulongosky’s Token Republican Stooges to throw his OWN money away?

        • Dylan

          Weak!, Agreed … being a successfully CEO brings with it both positive attributes and negative ones. Just look at Mitt Romney’s failed campaign. And yes … the class warfare attack that your laying out would have been used even more had he been the eventual nominee. We need to support MORE non-career politics to run. CEOs make tough decisions … tough decisions have real implications. He’ll need to show empathy to appeal to the blue collar type voters at risk in this attack. But as Crawdude suggested … anyone is better than Westland. And I am very happy to have and support him as a candidate. And I think it speaks very highly of candidates that are willing to take significant pay cuts to serve the public good.

          Mitt wasn’t my choice in the primary but I still think his business centered experiences brought a healthy perspective to the debate. And I am glad he was part of the crowded field.

          And yes … Understanding the class warfare attacks that will come are important so the candidate can be prepared and answer them. But we can’t give these attacks validity by running off good people willing to serve.

          And it sound like you too agree that his skills and experience would, in fact, do well in the role as Treasurer.