Rumor: Allen Alley for Treasurer???

Who is Allen Alley? In a Republican primary, Allen Alley is chairman of Pixelworks, a fabless semiconductor company out in Tualatin. Allen Alley co-founded the company and has served as Chairman since the company’s inception. From 1997 to 2006 he has served as President and CEO of the company.

But in a general election, Allen Alley is a current Deputy Chief of Staff to the Governor. Yes “¦ Allen Alley spends part of his day bringing a practical business perspective to the empty hallways of Governor Ted Kulongoski’s office. A new comer to the hands-on grind of politics, it is yet to be determined what impact the Governor’s office had on him or the impact the position had on them. But now he is a leading recruit in many circles as the Republican Nominee for Treasurer in the upcoming 2008 election. A once rumored candidate for the crowded OR -5 field, it appears increasingly likely that Allen is now lining up for the side wide office. A moderate to liberal Republican? Or A businessman just trying to do good? Time and a primary will bring us these answers.