Lars Larson on Rick Dancer for Secretary of State

Let’s talk about Rick Dancer who is running for Oregon’s Secretary of State.

Rick Dancer is a former T.V. anchor in the Eugene area. I consider him my friend, so it was a pleasure to welcome him on the program yesterday (Feb. 25) to talk to him about running for Secretary of State. Heck, I was glad that anybody from the Republican Party was running for one of these statewide offices.

So far we have three offices wide open, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer, and only one Republican running in one of the races. That’s a big disappointment.

But, I was further disappointed when I put Rick on the air. My first question to him, “Should we insist that everybody who registers to vote have to prove that they are an American citizen first?” Rick answered by saying, “Well, isn’t that already the law? Don’t we already have to do that?” To which I sadly had to say, “No, Rick, we don’t and it is going to be one of the bigger issues you have to confront.”

We’ll invite Rick back in another week or so and see if he performs better the second time around. Let’s hope that he does.