Jeff Merkley first US Senate Candidate tied to Roger Clemens

Press Release from Oregon State GOP 3-7-08:


Portland, Ore. — Oregon Senate Candidate Jeff Merkley tested positive this week for hypocrisy after pitching the media like he was Roger Clemens and rewriting the truth about his family’s charter school application. The Bend Bulletin said Merkley’s actions were not a “flip-flop,” but worse, “hypocrisy”.

The Bulletin editorialized on March 4th:

We talked to Merkley about the application last week, and he pulled the Roger Clemens defense: It was my wife! Merkley told us his wife went to check out the charter school and signed a form that merely “expressed interest.” He could recall no actual application. In any case, Merkley said, both he and his wife agreed that they weren’t about to send their kids to a charter school. End of story.

Except it wasn’t. Willamette Week obtained a copy of the application for his son (it says “Enrollment Application” right on top). What’s more, the paper has obtained an application to the same school for Merkley’s daughter. Now, we suppose you could argue that Merkley’s wife went and filled out the charter school applications all by herself, without Merkley’s knowledge or consent. You could also argue that a Martian forced her to do it using a brain ray. Neither is particularly likely.

The Bulletin dismissed “flip-flopping” charges, but said Merkley was guilty of something far worse — hypocrisy.

Why not? Because flip-flopping refers to the practice of switching policy positions. Merkley told us last week that he hasn’t changed his position on charter schools. That means he opposed the legalization of an educational option for everyone else’s kids, then considered seeking the same option for his own kid. That’s not a flip-flop. It’s hypocrisy.

Merkley should explain to voters “” in non-hackneyed English, please “” why they should value those qualities in a U.S. Senator.

No word yet if the Democrats are going to cut Merkley from the team before the end of spring training. The editorial is available at Subscription required.

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  • Jerry

    This guy is obviously out of his league.
    Far, far out.

  • Pat Ryan

    Well OK then. Merkley’s wife toured the school and as a condition of taking the tour filled out the app *in accordance with school rules*.

    Following the day on which the tour took place, *nothing further happened*.

    If the Merkley’s had actually you know…….tried to get their kids into the school……..I’m postiive that Mr. Kremer and his WW girl reporter would have been all over it like white on rice.

    I know that you guys and some of the press will do the best you can with this non-story, but a one time tour does not a scandal make, however you or The Bulletin wish to spin it.

    • cc

      Speaking of spin…

      You’ve shilled this story already. You may be the only one who believes it by now.

      It may surprise you that no one tales you seriously, but I assure you that’s the case.

  • rinowatch

    Gomer Pyle, Sha-Zhamm!

  • Publius

    Even D’s recognize the home/private/charter school advantage. Funny, I wonder why?

  • Al

    You’ve been making up you own fairy tale about this since it surfaced. What’s with you?
    Are you as dishonest as you seem?
    You first fabricated that the form was a questionaire required to tour the school. Now you fabricate that a full blown application was reqired to tour the school.
    Is the world what ever you imagine it to be?

    The Merkley’s filled out enrollment applications to enroll both of their children.
    The applications entered their children into the lottery and waiting list.
    Some time later the Merkleys decided against Aurther Academy.

    Besides your pathtic lying and Merkley’s tremendous hypocricy is the underlying widespread acceptance that Charter schools are a very good alternative and choice for parents.
    Yet the OEA, Novick, Merkley and the other Democrat legislators continue oppose and undermine charter school.

    They do so with the same ethics as Pat Ryan exhibits here.

  • Jeff Smirkley

    Shame on you, Pat Ryan. Shame on you.

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