Cornilles to face Bonamici in CD-1 race

by NW Spotlight

Rob Cornilles will face Suzanne Bonamici in Oregon’s 1st congressional district (CD-1) special general election on January 31, 2012, to replace David Wu.

Cornilles won the Republican primary with 72.4% of the vote (32,112 votes). Cornilles was followed by Jim Greenfield with 11.5%, Lisa Michaels with 10.5%, Pavel Goberman with 3.1% and D R Delgado-Morgan with 1.5%.

Bonamici won the Democratic primary with 65.5% of the vote (41,262 votes). Bonamici was followed by Brad Avakian with 21.7%, Brad Witt with 8.3%, Dan Strite with 1.6%, Dominic Hammon with 1.2%, Todd Lee Ritter with .8%, Saba Ahmed with .3%, and Robert E. Lettin with .1%.

The CD-1 voter turnout for the Republicans was 35.1% and it was 35.7% for the Democrats. Voter turnout tends to run from 60%-85% for general elections in Oregon, but voter turnout tends to be much lower for special elections. The recent special election in NY-9 to replace disgraced Democratic Congressman Anthony Wiener only had a voter turnout of 22%.

UPDATE as of 11/14: The updated Unofficial Election Results data from the Oregon Secretary of State shows that voter turnout was 45% for the Republicans and 44% for the Democrats in this CD-1 special election primary.

Rob Cornilles is the president of Game Face Inc, which advises professional sports teams on how to improve their business operations.

Suzanne Bonamici is a State Senator and her husband was David Wu’s lawyer for many years, up until this past spring.