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  • Sybella

    Yes, I have a comment. Governmental policy has destroyed business in our state. Look at the loss of the jobs because of the green movement. Nothing wrong with taking care of things, but the movement is destroying not saving. I hear the Democrats holler change. They don’t change anything. What do they want to change? I don’t think you do. If you did you would work towards building our business and timber business back up. Let the market provide the jobs and you guys sit down, quit trying to legislate every facet of our lives. We can actually do it if government is not interfering at every turn.

  • Dave Porter

    I’ve posted here at Oregon Catalyst as a advocate of more Chinese Mandarin and study abroad in China programs in Oregon public schools. China is again in the headlines, now regarding Tibet. But I encourage us all to take a longer view and to look to our strategic options regarding China. The rise of China (and of Asia more generally) is a central reality of the 21st century. My question to all candidates (federal, state and local) is: “During the lifetime of today’s students, China’s economy could grow to be 2-3 times the size of the US economy. And China could develop a modernized military to match its economy. What does this rise of China mean for Oregon (or Portland or the district of the candidate)? What should we be doing now? And, are you satisfied that less than 1% of Oregon students study Mandarin?”


      Your post is full of a lot of “Coulds” and could be used to describe India also. All of your coulds, could also never happen, which has a much greater possibility.

      Quit listening to the hype, China has no ability to make any marked upgrades to its conventional military forces. Nothing the have or will ever have will come close to the equipment that the US and its allies currently have, yet alone what will be upgraded in the future.

      As for their economy, they are quickly destroying and polluting their natural resources. Almost all of their fresh water is posioned due to industrial and ag. run-off.

      90% of Chinas population live in 10% of it land because the rest is undevelopable.

      It’s current GDP is now sligtly higher than Italy’s.

      As for offering a class ( as long as its not mandated) on Mandarin, I have no opinion, knowledge is a good thing.

  • Jerry

    How about being honest when in office, not doing what is best for you but best for the state and its citizens, not trying to control our lives, not trying to destroy small business, improving our roads, making sure we are safe, bring competition to government, reduce size of government, reduce state spending, reduce taxes, don’t hold fake emergency sessions, don’t use campaign money for your own personal use, treat others as you would wish to be treated.

    This would be a good start.

    • RinoWatch

      And understand that NO means NO and that includes a Sales Tax, Frank & Scott, Dennis, and the rest of ya.

  • John Fairplay

    To expand – please be honest about the real conditions in Oregon and how much government is taking from taxpayers. The constant refrain of “not enough money” is a lie – there is plenty of money, but much of it is paid out in too-generous benefits or wasted on unneeded or inefficient programs. Simply throwing more money at a government program has never led to better results. Tell your constituents this and be an advocate for more efficient use of their money.

    Secondly, please stay consistent should you be elected, and have the courage of your convictions. Too many become “captured by the system” and suffer from a “Stockholm Syndrome” once elected. Remember that the people who complain are just a small fraction of the total population, and there’s no evidence that the majority agrees with the complainers. When the complainers run counter to your principles – ignore their pleas and do what’s right.

    Thirdly, unless you are a liberal/Socialist/progressive Democrat, the media are not your friends. The only time they will praise you is when you are compromising your principles to advance Socialist policies. Do not try and suck up to the Oregonian or the Statesman-Journal or the Register-Guard. They hate everything you stand for, and are going to try and make you look bad no matter what you do. They want a Socialist to have your office and everything they ask you and write about you is designed to bring that about. Do not trust them.

    • dean

      John…what is it with your “socialist” fixation? What do you define as socialism exactly? Any action by government to improve anything?

      • an irate person

        dean if you have something to say to your elected officials, say it. If you take the time to read the original article, you will see he is asking if we have anything to say to our elected officials. We don’t care if you agree with any of us. That is not the point. We are not here to argue with you about your political views. That is not the point. Now if you have something to say to our elected officials, please do so. If you don’t. Go away.

  • Anonymous

    dean, do you have any idea how typical that was?

    • dean

      Typical of me or typical of John?

      • Anonymous

        You, Dean – you’re completely off point…again.

  • Anonymous

    Quit using the tax codes and tax subsidies to dictate lifestyle, housing and transport choices of the people. Examples of what kinds of changes are needed include, stopping any extensions and reducing the amount of land mass available for urban renewal districts, ending property tax abatements for big developers and developments, tax bicyclists to pay for bicycle infrastructure, and requiring that mass transit fares better reflect the true fiscal costs of providing the service.

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