Rep Linda Flores and Rep Scott Bruun: Bill targets obscene attacks

Reps Flores & Bruun Plan Tougher Laws for Lewd Act in Local Target Store
(*Please note — this release contains graphic language)
From State Representative Linda Flores 3-15-08:

(Salem) “This disgusting and outrageous act warrants tougher criminal penalties,” said State Representative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) in response to an incident at local Target store in her legislative district last weekend. A 25-year old Gladstone man was arrested earlier this week on allegations he masturbated and deposited semen on a female shopper. Flores and State Representative Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) are joining forces to sponsor legislation for 2009 which will increase punishments. Bruun said, “the crime committed at Target this week was cruel and malicious. Clearly, our current law against this type of act is wholly inadequate.

Authorities believe the suspect, Ricardo Faulk, somehow deposited the substance on a 31-year old mother, while her 3-year old child was with her, at the Target on SE Sunnyside Road in Clackamas Saturday afternoon. Investigators released surveillance video of the man leaving the store and he turned himself in on Tuesday. Faulk was booked in the Clackamas County Jail and released. The defendant is charged with Harassment, a Class B Misdemeanor, which carries a maximum 6 month jail sentence and $2,500 fine.

Representatives Flores and Bruun asked Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts to assist them in elevating the penalties. “Clearly the consequences of being charged with the crime of harassment doesn’t match the true gravity of this crime,” stated Roberts. “I believe it’s a serious enough matter warranting further discussion with the legislature, district attorneys and law enforcement.”

Other potential charges under present law include disorderly conduct and public indecency, however both are misdemeanors and do not require the suspect to register as a sex offender. Flores and Bruun instructed the Legislative Counsel’s Office to draft a bill for the 2009 Session which would enhance the law to include possible
felony charges for assault, sex abuse or public indecency. “I think we should seriously consider a conviction for this type of behavior to require registration as a sex offender,” explained Flores, who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee. Bruun added, “I look forward to working on legislation that will punish crimes such as this in an expeditious and severe manner.”

“This crime is appalling and will certainly have lasting effects on the victim,” said Sheriff Roberts. “Also, not to be overlooked are the potential physical consequences a person experiences from being exposed to the transference of bodily fluids. This is a serious crime and can be distressing to a person”. The Clackamas County Circuit court may order Faulk to be tested to see if he carries any infectious diseases. His next court appearance is April 9th.