“An Easter Message for Business”

The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty recently published a brief meditation on “the entrepreneurial vocation” by Joseph Kosten.

“”˜All that the human creature is and has is a divine gift.’ Those words from Pope Benedict XVI rang out during his Palm Sunday homily [March 16]. Man’s very ability to work and create wealth is a gift which he can either accept or reject. The vocation to be an entrepreneur is the acceptance of this gift and the creation of something new and beneficial to man. Whether it be the creation of new jobs, a way to maximize resources, or a simplification of life, the entrepreneur fulfills his vocation by taking this gift and being an extraordinary steward of its benefits.

“”¦Prosperity and human flourishing need not be opposed, so long as corporate productivity and human dignity are brought into concord”¦.

“Carrying on the message of his predecessor [John Paul II], Pope Benedict again shines a spotlight on the importance of business while reminding the corporate world that human dignity can never be sacrificed.”

Speaking of entrepreneurship, the Acton Institute has produced an excellent film, The Call of the Entrepreneur, due for DVD release on April 3. This superb production follows a merchant banker, a failing dairy farmer and a refugee from Communist China.

One risked his savings. One risked his farm. One risked his life.

This one-hour documentary features compelling interviews with these three men and tells the real story of free enterprise. It presents a great opportunity to introduce everyone to the spirit of entrepreneurship. The superb production values and fast-paced cinematography are sure to grip your attention””and that of your high school and college students.

Cascade Policy Institute and The Executive Club hosted a Portland area screening last December, to rave reviews from the audience. You can watch the trailer and order the DVD here.

Kathryn Hickok is Publications Director, Development Coordinator, and Director of the Children’s Scholarship Fund-Portland at Cascade Policy Institute, Oregon’s premier free market think tank.