Poll shows McCain on top. Obama losing edge

Reuters poll in head-to-head match-ups. See also Rasmussen Poll below this poll.

Obama = 47%
Clinton = 44%
(Obama dropped 11%)

McCain = 46%
Obama = 40%
(Obama drop of 7%)

McCain = 48%
Clinton = 40%
(McCain dropped 2%)
RASMUSSEN POLL: McCain Now Leads By Double Digits:
McCain 51% Clinton 41%
McCain 49% Obama 42%

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    Right now the DNC is choosing which corrupt politician is going to run against the GOP’s corrupt politician, its sadly humorous. Obama’s pastor has probably given the DNC what its been looking for to torpedo his campaign. Hillary will lose to McCain and we’ll have status quo for 4 more years, just my prediction, the country loses no matter which of the freaks are elected.

    Anyone ready to jump on board my global cooling theory? ( Feeble attempt to change the subject)

    • dian

      I’ll help you. What global cooling. According to the news global warming is only in hibernation. what a joke.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Lol, I also read that this years cooler world wide weather has almost neutralized the global warming temperature argument. My bet is that they will discard this year in their models due to the hibernation kibble, lol! Too funny, lots of “experts” and Algore with egg on their faces.

        This makes me wonder what the next decades gloom and doom theory will be….

        • dian

          global cooling of course. Just think how much money the coat manufacturers will make

  • Alan

    What this represents is a cooling off peroid for Obama. The scrutiny of him is increasing and he has had some bad press of late. This explains the drop. The drop is not that much and still leaves him in a position to build on it when he rebounds. If he rebounds.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is being revealed as nothing but the typical left winger he is.
    Far from any come again MLK or uniting moderate Obama has engrained in him both the agenda of the far left and the animosity of his pastor/mentor.
    Which makes him no big deal. Despite his oratory finesse and the fantasies of his followers.
    Followers who have trashed Hillary’s chances.

    President McCain and Vice President Romney will send the left into group insanity come next November. But then the left wing has multiple issues ranging from their kookery of a 911 conspriracy to their zombie like allegiance to the Global Warming cult.

  • DMF

    I’m not for Obama, but lets just say for the sake of argument, he really didn’t hear his pastor say that.

    How many of you believe the pastor won’t have influence if he gets in the white house, because he really did say what he said? Not hearing would not let Obama off the hook.

    If I ever entertained any thoughts of voting for Obama, and I did, They have flown far far away.


      It wasn’t just that day, those exerps were from numerous sermons. If Obama went to that church for 20 years, called this alleged pastor a friend and mentor, than he had to have known and agreed with many of his views.

      He would not have named him his “spiritual advisor” if he didn’t. The quote from Obama’s wife in an earlier speech is testament to him and his families beliefs.

      • DMF

        You are absolutely correct. We are what we do and what we say.

        • dean

          Falwell and Robertson blamed 9/11 on gays, feminists, and liberals. Yet McCain sought their support, and stood on the podium next to the right Reverend Hagee, who is an outspoken anti-catholic bigot among other things.

          So if we are going to disquality Presidential candidates based on their relationship with nutty pastors, we are down to Hillary right?

          • CRAWDUDE

            See, I told ya the choices suck this year!

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