News Flash: Judge rules against Portland candidate Donozo

Presiding State Administrative Law Judge David Gerstenfeld has overturned the decision of the City Auditor to certify Mayoral Candidate Sho Dozono, making him ineligible for $161,171 in public funds to finance his campaign. At issue was a poll conducted in December 2007. In Gerstenfeld’s Final Order, the Finding of Law is that “Dozono received in-kind contributions in excess of the applicable limit for candidates seeking certification to receive public campaign financing.”

Further, in the Final Order Opinion, ALJ Gerstenfeld wrote:
“The network of laws and regulations from the City of Portland and the State of Oregon regulating elections are complex, and the City provisions addressing the public funding of campaigns are relatively new. The Auditor has attempted to read these provisions as objectively and narrowly as possible to avoid creating opportunities for subjectivity or changing the understanding of these laws while an election is in progress. Despite these attempts, however, the City’s interpretation of Section 2.10.050 C. is contrary to the text and context of the code provisions and for that reason cannot stand.”

“We appreciate the thoughtful review by Administrative Law Judge Gerstenfeld. He had all of the necessary facts for his final order, and we respect his decision,” said Auditor Gary Blackmer.

Three opposing Candidates for Mayor exercised their right to appeal Dozono’s certification under provisions of Portland’s Public Campaign Finance law: Beryl McNair, Craig Gier, and Sam Adams. A fourth appellant, Bruce Broussard, withdrew as a Candidate before the hearing date. The hearing was held on Monday, March 17, 2008.

The Auditor certified Sho Dozono on March 5, 2008. In the certification determination, the Auditor applied the City Code section related to the definition of Candidate to the issues regarding a poll conducted in December 2007. The Citizen Campaign Commission will review this issue and City rules as part of their on-going monitoring of public campaign financing. Two members, Kathryn McLaughlin and Dylan Amo, observed the hearing.

Although Mr. Dozono was certified on March 5, the Auditor has withheld payment of public funds to Mr. Dozono until issuance of a final order.

Judge Gerstenfeld’s decision is posted on the Auditor’s Website at (PDF document, 60 kb)

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  • devietro

    This is sad. I went to the debate today and Sho kicked butt, the ironic thing is with the big connections he has in business he should be able to bury Sam.

    Well lets keep up the support behind Sho.


    I am hoping that Sho can raise enough money on his own and use some of his own cash to continue this struggle. Its no longer about who is going to be mayor, its about saving this city from the corruption that oozes from every pore of Sam Adams body.

    Go Sho!

  • jim karlocik

    *JK:* For the sake of Portland, we must convince Sho to stay in the race. And he will need money.

    I just sent the following Emial:
    [email protected]
    Please stay in the race.
    Only you can stop Sam from destroying Portland.
    Consider this my pledge of $100

    I encourage all Sho supporters to do ths same TODAY.
    Who else will pledge $100 or more?? Lets start a movement NOW.


    • Terry Parker

      Thanks JK

      Sho needs to stay in the race for the sake of ALL Portlanders. I went to the debate at Portland State specifically to hear what Sho had to say. Sho clearly articulated his desire for the City Council to demonstrate fiscal responsibility, getting down to the business of maintaining what we have and saving the budget surpluses for rainy days putting some of that money away for a few select big dollar projects in the future. Sam on the other hand came off like the rhetorical smooth talker that echoed his dictatorial appetite to continue his big tax and spend remake of Portland rampage which seemed to appeal to some of the younger people in the audience. However, not in attendance – there is a big silent group of business people and Portlanders 40 and over with families that don’t go to political gatherings but regularly vote, want fiscal responsibility from government to maintain what we have before other spending, and are extremely frustrated with taxes being increased faster than income to subsidize Sam’s misaligned priorities and toys. Sho definitely appeals to this type of voter and should stay in the race with a grass roots campaign. My suggestion to Sho is to immediately start raising campaign funds limiting the size of contributions so as not to be akin to big money. Look how far McCain has come without the big funding resources that some of the other Presidential candidates have. Furthermore, iIn the run for Portland Mayor, Sam is the one with influence money behind him – including the tax subsidized big developers, streetcar advocates that want to control lifestyle choices and freeloading bicyclists that want their specialized infrastructure paid for by someone other than themselves.

  • devietro

    Lets not forget that Sho’s reason for wanting to drop out is not a lack of money, he knows he can call on business buddies for cash. We need to convince him that its worth running on private money.

  • Dave Lister

    I contacted the campaign yesterday to urge Sho to stay in, and pledged a contribution. Everybody should phone them and do the same. Go to for contact info.


      I did also Dave, I hope he does run! Sam is probably the worst thing that could happen to this city!

  • Janet Reno


    The Apologia has arrived and once again the self-indicting, separatist-racist Barack Obama AKA Barack Hussein Obama, promises to heal the wounds of the world. The speech is the rude awakening of mass messianism of his campaign. Apologetically, Obama the MUSLIM double-cross X-boX-BorraX has an astonishingly empty two-prawn echelon explanation of his misjudgment.
    In the first prawn: with regard to his connection to separatist-racist Rev. Wright; Obama summons voodoo and juju to express slavery as beginning and ending with the Rev. Wright.
    In the second prawn: Obama’s speech takes credit for Ashley’s dream. A dream of unity Martin Luther King, Jr. borrowed from Ashley for his historic “I Have A Dream” speech. In Obama’s speech, the connective bond Ashley, the elderly black man and Obama’s grandmother share; represents Obama’s self-indicting rise to the Harvard Yard. For Obama, the grand flag of language is the semi-fore of words, bestowed upon our nation by the messiah-alumni from Harvard. Obama’s Swoon-Song Apologia to the nation represents a failed hymn — a hymn that fails to heal the nation, repair the world, or make this time different than all the rest. Obama’s speech is a brilliant failure.

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