Smith and Merkely make appeals to voters

This week both Senator Gordon Smith and Jeff Merkley made their picthes to their supporters. For comparission and contrast we give you a sample of both. Both very different and bold.

Gordon Smith:

Last week while I was standing up for Oregonians to stop a $1.2 trillion tax increase and $210 billion in new government spending, my opponents were campaigning on their agendas to increase your taxes, increase government spending and build a massive government-run health care bureaucracy.

While I’ve been leading the charge to bring home solutions to help the mortgage crisis, lower taxes for Oregonians and protect jobs in rural Oregon, the partisan Democrats in Oregon and Washington, D.C. are spending their time fighting against each other to determine which run-of-the-mill liberal will be their party’s nominee for U.S. Senate.

Jeff Merkley:

Five years ago today, Gordon Smith and the Bush Administration took us into the War in Iraq. It’s been a disaster.

Since that day, 3990 American soldiers have been killed in the war -including 67 soldiers from Oregon. And the financial cost has reached hundreds of billions of dollars.

Gordon Smith is complicit in cheerleading for the war, voting repeatedly to extend it, and has done absolutely nothing to stop it.

We’re supporting Jeff Merkley because he opposed the war publicly from the very start – and we know he will work to bring our troops home beginning his first day in office.