Bad News: Franken behind 10 points, GOP state parties in red

SmartPoliticsblog reports: Republican Senator Norm Coleman enjoys a 10-point lead over DFL hopeful Al Franken, according to a new survey of 644 registered voters by SurveyUSA, conducted on March 12th.

Politico reports: GOP state parties are in dire straits — California, New York, New Hampshire are millions in the red.

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    Al Franken is an embarrassment to the DNC, they just couldn’t figure out how to keep him from running.

    • sweeta-jl

      Sorry, but what is kimerikas?


      • CRAWDUDE

        Not sure, it could be a punch line to one of Frankens unfunny jokes or something.

        He really is a humorless comedian, the only laugh I’ve ever gotten from him was when he decided to run for Senator.

  • Chris McMullen

    I liked him on SNL, but when he started wearing his whack-job leftism on his sleeve, I turned off immediately. How anyone could take Franken as a viable candidate is unbelievable. It just goes to show what Bush Derangement Syndrome has done to the Democrats.


      I don’t think the DNC ever thought he was viable but he was their voice on the failed liberal radio network so they had to let him run.

    • Alan

      Then again, the entire SNL show has been trending downhill as well.

  • lw

    I believe that one major reason that state Repubican Parties are in the red is their stance on illegal immigration-not enough enforcement and wishy-washy stances.


      I agree, I believe a strong stance on immigration law enforcement and removal of illegals is a winner topic. 85% of the American public want it, why is the GOP so scared to embrace it as a policy?

  • Dave A.

    I am one of those ex-campaign donors to the State and National GOP. But as long as the state GOP is run by hard right jerks, I won’t contribute a dime.


      ? Dave, the Oregon GOP is run by spineless jelly fish, I’d hardly call them rightists. Maybe moderate panderers! If they actually moved to the right in unison they would pick up a lot more support, no one likes a collection of wimps.

      • dean

        Dude…where do you get your 85% figure on immigration enforcement? Sure…people would say yes if that is the only question. But most polls I have seen suggest “enforcement only” is not the preferred way to deal with this. And that proved out even in the Republican primary, where the only pro comprehensive reform candiate won the nomination.

        Keep going to the right and it will keep getting lonlier. But as a Democrat, I encourage the Republicans to follow your advice, reduce the party to its core of mindless ranters, and leave the actual governing to us.

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