Ferrioli resigns from Governor’s county payments task force

Press Release from Senator Ted Ferrioli:

Salem, OR — Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day), a vocal advocate for rural Oregon, announced Thursday that he would resign as a member of the Governor’s Federal Forest and County Services Taskforce effective immediately.

“When I heard someone on the taskforce float a “˜trial balloon’ for a proposal for a statewide property tax, I knew it was time to walk,” said Ferrioli.

“While the Governor, the Speaker and the President have been giving lip-service to rural Oregon, these Democrat leaders have turned their backs on the threatening and pressing issues in our communities today,” said Ferrioli. “When it comes to addressing the economic and social crisis in rural Oregon, this taskforce is an exercise in misdirection.”
The Federal Forests and County Services Taskforce was convened by the Governor to develop “recommendations regarding administrative, budgetary, statutory and, if necessary, constitutional changes needed to provide stable and adequate funding for the provision of essential services at the county level,” according to the Governor’s executive order 07-21 creating the task force.

“A special session has come and gone, yet leadership has simply stood by and watched as the Office of Rural Policy was eliminated and Rural Development Initiatives defunded,” said Ferrioli. “The real issues affecting rural Oregon right now remain unaddressed. All I have heard from this committee is “˜revenue restructuring,’ which in my mind are simply code words for a series of tax and fee increases . I believe any “˜revenue restructuring’ will drive tax burdens far beyond the capacity of damaged rural economies and will eventually be rejected by both legislators and citizens.”

This year Oregon’s rural counties are facing a financial crisis due to the loss of federal funding from PL 106-393, the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000. Also known as federal forest payments, PL 106-393 expired in September of 2006 despite efforts by the Oregon Congressional Delega¬tion and others to secure an extension. A one-year extension was passed by Con¬gress on May 24 and signed by the President on May 25 as part of the Emergency Supplemental Appropriations bill.

According to Sen. Ferrioli, “This task force should concern itself with real solutions like job creation, strategies for economic development, reduction of regulatory obstacles and creating immediate flexibility in land use decisions for local authorities,” said Ferrioli.

“To use the pain and fear of economic distress in rural Oregon to leverage tax and fee increases is despicable. Instead of trying to wring more tax and fee revenue out of Oregonians, we should be asking ourselves “˜What services, at no additional cost to taxpayers can state agencies contract to distressed counties to help them continue to deliver services at the local level?'” asked Ferrioli.

“We should, using only available resources, be able to provide services for juvenile justice, mental health, youth and community corrections and a wide variety of other community services currently provided by state agencies through contracting with counties. This strategy would grow jobs, stabilize services and counter the loss of federal revenues without raising taxes. Unfortunately, the task force seems to be driven by people who believe we can tax our way out of economic crisis,” said Ferrioli.


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  • gg

    How does it help rural life in Oregon to tax them more? Someone please send Ted to Harney County for a dude ranch for a while to clear his mind.

    • Did you read the story?

      It appears that Senator Ferrioli agrees with you. Taxes are not going to help rural Oregon. Please read the story before posting a comment.

  • Anonymous

    The Dems haven’t yet figured out they can’t get blood out of a turnip. Not only that, they aren’t bright enough to realize that blood is just turnip juice and is rapidly drying up,. It could be interesting when Teddy shows up in John Day in May to pat himself on te back if he was just covered with turnip juice while he’s here.

    • Anonymous

      That wasn’t Ted Ferrioli I was referring to it was Ted K

  • Sybella

    I’m glad Ted resigned from that tax , oops task, force. Like everything else the Salem croud does, that is a farce. He’s smart to not be tied to it.

  • Steve Plunk

    It seems every move government makes these days is about what’s good for government not what’s good for the people. Acting like an isolated class they automatically assume more government is better for the people even if it means higher taxes.

    Robbing Peter to pay Paul is no cure for county revenue shortfalls and no way to mend a poor economy. Less government, less taxes, and less regulation would jump start our economy like nothing we have ever seen.


    While I agree that this task force was going nowhere fast, WHY would anyone want the ONE voice of reason in the room to leave it as well?!

    I’m sorry but walking away doesn’t help at all . . . If he managed to slow or deter one damaging tax proposal Ted would have accomplished a great deal. Now, he has ZERO opportunity to do that.

  • Senator Larry George

    To: IWMPB

    The reason is that when we sit on these types of task forces it is presented to the public that your participation is sign-off on the result, or the “product” of the task force.

    “All parties were present.”

    And with one party in total control there is only one direction that these task forces go anymore. More and bigger government.

    Senator Ferrioli is using the only tool there is to show the wrong-headed direction of the Governor’s office. He should be applauded for his willingness to stand-up and point out the facts.


      I was actually shocked he had the personal strength to make such a bold move. I would have been more impressed had he and every other GOP’er boycotted the illegal legislative session last month.

      • RinoWatch

        I could not agree with you more!

        If only Ferrioli would resign his Senate seat….

    • IWMPB

      Senator George,
      I agree to an extent . . . BUT, to me, not being at the table at all is extremely problematic. You know, probably better than anyone, the strength that the Ds have in Salem right now. I would rather have you all making horrible proposals somewhat more palatable than walking away and have them pass anyway.

      I know that at a likely 18-12 there’s no chance to stop things that are rolling along, but maybe you could chip a few flakes over the ever-increasing snowball?

      Why not scream of the injustices that are occurring (and pointing out the misguided direction of the Gov’s office) while still participating?

  • Alan

    They should be honest and rename the task force the “How can we extract more money committee”.

  • Anon

    Glad to see Ferrioli knows how to work with others to accomplish things. NOT.

    • Sakaki Onsei

      If the others would be willing to accomplish things instead of taxing my rear end off as their first and only line, then maybe Ferrioli would be able to play along. Until then, the Dems and you can go pound sand.

  • Evil Scientist

    I am gleefully counting the days until I flee the People’s Republic of Oregon…..
    1. Fact #1: Oregon voted for measure 5, stopping property tax hikes of insane proportions
    2. Fact #2: In order to continue getting more money each year that they lost with the tax cap, Oregon government instead puts in an artificial growth boundary around Portland, and in one fell swoop, the plan benefits TWO classes, property developers in Oregon, and Oregon government, who gets the extra tax money, anyway. Anyone else see the Forbes “Most overpriced property in America” list? Did it surprise anyone to see that the property here was 130% OVER what it should be?
    3. Fact #3: Oregon is lost. Get over it. Leave the state, and let it implode, just like Vermont. Too many idiots from California have moved up here, and brought California’s problems with them, not to mention the idiots that already live here, brought up in public schools, who contribute to Sleepy Ted.
    4. Fact #4: Reread Fact #3.
    5. Fact #5: Anyone else notice how incredibly weak that EVERY Republican/conservative candidate for governor has been, in the last 20 or so years? Why put up a strong candidate, if you can profit from the current system? Too many republican donors are profiting from the ills that this state is suffering from, and until Oregon implodes, it will never get better. Maybe if a “Leave Oregon!” campaign was started….

    • dean

      Fact 6 that contradicts Fact 2: Oregon’s urban growth boundary system was established in 1973, nearly 20 years prior to Measure 5, so how could it have been done to generate more money lost from the M5 tax cap?

  • dian

    Better yet. Turn portland brown and they might leave. Oregon is an embaarrassment.

  • Jim R.

    Hey Dean

    Oregon’s UGB system DID NOT come in in 1973. There is NO mention of UGBs in the 1973 laws. They are a product of administrative rules adopted in the late 1970s. Then the local governments had to adopt them by the early 1980s and then they started having an affect in the early 1990s. They were supposed to have a decade or more room within the boundaries, which is why there was the delayed impact. They artifically ran up prices (which is why M47/50 were passed by Oregonians in the mid-1990s).


    Thrilled M-5 passed, I only wish that we could pass a new M-5 capping the increase at 2%. Obviously the government didn’t get the ” live within your means ” message!

  • David from Eugene

    From these postings it seems that conservatives have buried their heads in the no taxes sand and lost track of on basic fact of life….There is no such thing as a free lunch!!! Or to put another way, no money means no services.

    In Lane County, unless the Secure Rural Schools is refunded, we are looking at a reduction in the number of jail beds from 119 to 12 (that’s right twelve) the DA’s office will only prosecute felony person crimes, the County Extension Service is eliminated as is the WIC program, the Forest Work Camp, and all of the discretionary Public Health services and that is the just the top of the list.

    In many respects, Lane County is the Canary in the mine shaft of local government and it just fell from its perch. For the last couple of years, costs have gone up 6% and revenues 3% and there is no indication that these trend will change anytime soon. So what is about to happen here, will be coming to a county seat near you soon.

    As to that “learn to live within its means” nonsense, let me point out that when faced with more expense then income, people do two things, cut expenses and take a second job. For government that “second job” is raising more tax revenue through new or higher taxes.


      For government the 2nd job is ” cutting waste”! Your non-reality based reality doesn’t compute once again.

      • David from Eugene

        Exactly what waste do you believe should be cut; the Sheriff’s Office, the DA’s office, the County Jail or what? In Lane County’s budget only about $60 million is discretionary spending and of that roughly 70% is spent on public safety. The Secure Rural Schools is about $20 million or 1/3 of the $60 million discretionary portion of the budget. And these cuts are going on top of a decade of other budget cuts.

        Advocating cutting government waste and abuse makes for a good sound bite. Doing it is hard work, and so far all I hear from conservatives is a lot of talk and irresponsible tax cuts. I have no problem with tax cuts which are linked to specific cuts in governmental spending. Depending on the proposed cut I may or may not support the measure, but regardless that is a good and reasonable way to conduct the public’s business. Citing undefined “waste and abuse” as justification for a tax cut or opposition to needed tax increases is not a good and reasonable way to conduct the public’s business, it is irresponsible.

    • Sybella

      It’s time to quit relying on the government to provide all our services. We should be doing it ourselves. Why do you want to be dependent on somebody else? After all, they aren’t looking out for you, they’re looking out for themselves. And if you haven’t learned it by now, Your best help is on the end of your arm.

      • David from Eugene

        Are you proposing anarchy as a tax saving measure? I ask because the bulk of the cuts in Lane County are failing on public safety. Anarchy would be an interesting but unworkable solution. You cannot guard your home and property 24/7 and still go to work.

      • dean

        Sybella… are you proposing we citizens run our own jails? What…as community volunteers? Are you serious? The end of our own arms?

        • cc

          “Sybella… are you proposing we citizens run our own jails? What…as community volunteers? Are you serious? The end of our own arms?”

          Obtuseness, thy name is dean.

          • dean

            obtuse? David gave details on the impacts of budget cuts to Lane County jalis. Sybella countered with “quit relying on the government..” and I posed a rather straightforward question on whether she thinks we ought to be running jails as volunteers. If plain English is obtuse to you….I can’t help you out.

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