Lars Larson on Ethics Laws

Oregon’s new ethics law is a complete disaster for the state.

I know politicians like to talk about how they are taking on ethics because they are going to make all of us more ethical. Well, bully for them. Here’s the problem though. The brand new ethics law passed in Oregon is creating a real problem for small communities.

Take Elgin, Oregon, for example. Last week, the entire planning commission, a voluntary body made up of local citizens decided to quit. Why? Because the new ethics laws requires them to post a lot of personal data on line. And, I mean on the internet.

They are required to put up the five major sources of income for their household. All of that has to go on the internet. Not just the job but your salary as well. You have to put up the names of your mother and father, your sisters and brothers, your sisters and brothers wives and husbands, your kids and their jobs, too.

It’s a disaster. It was a dumb idea and it needs to be rescinded before we lose all those citizen volunteers.

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  • Jerry

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lars – this is a stupid idea.
    However, we do need to do more to insure that politicians are not abusing our trust. This was simply not the best way.
    What did you expect? It came from the very people we are having trouble trusting.

  • Anonymous

    The only part of the new law that is good is funding the Ethics Commission. Something that should have been done years ago.

    • George Hill

      I must disagree with anonymous on the funding of the ethics committee, because the Legislature created an un-funded mandate upon Oegon municipal governments to pay for this committee. Its a blank check written on the backs of the already financially strugling cities and counties in this state. I agree with Lars…..this is a stupid law.

  • Anon

    We have the follies of former Rep. Dan Doyle (R-Salem) and beer lobbyist Paul Romain to thank for all of this ethics reform.

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