Primary Crossovers Carry Consequences

Conservative radio talk show hosts and pundits are playing a dangerous sport with Democratic Party presidential politics….While it appears like clever political theater – and a way for Republicans, who have long been frustrated by Democrats voting in Republican primaries, to get even – this game is risky, and the results could be disastrous for not only the Republican Party, but for America’s future.

(see Jayne Carroll opinion here)

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  • Jerry

    Perhaps – maybe dangerous, but remember, Hil has a 49% negative, so if she wins it will not be because of any crossover stuff – it will be because the repubs were weak and ineffective.
    I say keep it going! It is fun to watch the dems infighting. They have never looked so silly.

  • Steve Plunk

    I cannot and will not support this type of manipulation. Put the shoe on the other foot and think how we would react if the Dems pulled such a stunt. Each party has a right to nominate their candidate, not the one the opposition wants, for the general election. This is a cynical ploy and should stop immediately while we still have some dignity.

    • Patrick

      Steve P.,

      I agree completely. This is a childish game that some are playing. You are right, if the Democrats did this the Republicans would be all over them and rightly so.

      What Republican individuals and the party as a whole need to do is simply behave like Republicans. We all need to take another long hard look at those values that make up a true Republican, those values that can and do make both the individual and society great, and hold to them.

      Republicans, for the last several years, have lost sight of that and have done a lousy job of promoting and living those core values. We all need to stop and ask ourselves: “What do I believe in?” and then ask the all important question “Why?”

      Perhaps the Democrats are correct this time with their slogans for “change”. However, I don’t believe the change required is one of a completly new order. No, I believe that the change required is one of a shift back to those basic core values, morals and principles which this country was founded on and which make it so great.

    • Jerry

      Are you guys for real? The Dems already did this to us. Many, many dems crossed over for John McCain in case you missed it. I guess you did.

      • Patrick

        So Jerry, are you saying that two wrongs make a right? I am sorry, I still am not buying into this game playing nonesense. It is one thing if you switch because you actually believe in the candidate and want to vote for him/her both in the primary and in the general. It is fully another if you are switching to simply try to change the outcome because you don’t believe you can beat the other candidate fairly and honestly.

        I am fully aware that this kind of thing goes on all the time. It does not mean that it is right or okay. I have a certain set of principles that I live by, one of those is being honest, and I will not compromise those principles for anything. If I did, then they really would not be very good principles would they?

        • Jerry

          If people switch to cause trouble in the dem party and they honestly want the dems to lose, then your argument is invalid. Many switchers want exactly that.

          As long as it is legal then there is no problem with it whatsoever. The parties made up these “rules” and they need to change them if they don’t like the results. Simple as that.

  • Richard

    I have to agree let the Democrats dig their own grave. It is another sign Rush has gone of the deep end. He has been on air and not in the real world too long,

  • devietro

    We had this discussion in our college republican meeting last night. As far as our group we felt that their our moral questions to be asked about this. If we continue to campaign on family values and moral majorities we cant quite be as Machiavellian.

  • anon

    Some states have “open” primaries, where you can crossover and vote for any party’s nominees. Candidates from all parties have always encouraged crossovers in those states. No one ever suggested that this was a dangerous, unethical or immoral practice.

    It’s a tad more complicated for the Oregon voter to do it, but crossing over is as American as apple pie.

  • RinoWatch

    Open Primaries are an Insane attempt by Liberals (in Oregon the likes of Keisling & Paulus) to increase participation. Nonsense!

    If ya wanna vote in a Party Primary, register in that party.

    This crossover stuff, to mess with the other parties primaries, is Wrong, Stupid, & Lame.

    Sorry Vickie…..

  • dean

    I’m a Democrat who in 2000 may have voted for McCain over Gore. And had the Bush-McCain race been close, maybe I would have re-registered to vote for McCain with the intent of voting for him in the general. So if registered Republicans do support Clinton or Obama, I see no reason they should not re-register for the primary. If they are doing so to negatively manipulate the outcome….well it is a free country. But be prepared to accept a Clinton presidency if it comes to that, because one never knows in advance how things will turn out.

    Political parties in America are more “affiliations” than they are “memberships.”

    • carol

      Now wouldn’t that be a riot, if Hill gets the Dem nomination, I am thinking of voting McCain, since he got Bush’s blessing, he’s beginning to sound more like the old McCain. If he keeps that up, he won’t get the big $$$, and Hill might take it. Perish the thought! It’s funny that I feel that way, as I fall within the parameters of her main support group. an older white woman.

      • dean

        Carol…maybe so but you are enough of an independent thinker to defy anyone’s stereotype.

        Vote for McCain? Unfortunately his time has past. If he is elected we can expect to be locked into an endless cycle of war as he vainly tried to vanquish all who dare defy our will even while mixing up Shiite and Sunni and al Queda. I just don’t think he can get a majority behind that, but who knows?

        Plus….when you look at his economic advisors….eeek. We get war PLUS financial meltdown and depression. A winning combination that.

  • Publius

    Republicans have no place voting in Democrat primaries. Period. End of story.

  • unrealcitizen

    Look, politics is politics. The democrats love messing with votes (, and Republicans usually do nothing. And if they do its in their own party, and call it fair. When McCain supporters backed Huckabee in the Virgina Primary (if I remember correctly) to stop Romney, many people ( mostly Republicans) spoke of “don’t hate the game” and “Thats politics.”

    Though I will not vote for someone I don’t support, since I think that voting is one of the last patriotic actions we have left, I have no problem with conservatives “crossing over” and messing with the democrat’s socialist nomination process. Its not like the republican candidate supports many conservative values anyways.

    And its not because Rush thinks that Hillary is an easier candidate (as Carroll suggests), its that he wants to keep this fight going on and so encourages voting for whoever is lower in the polls.

    Maneuver Warfare at its best.

  • carol

    But Dean, have you listened to him wriggle in the last few days? C’mon now, Hillary is just too much. I learned at my mama’s knee to watch for the expression in the eyes. Check it out, on her, the eyes don’t even begin to match the BIG, constant smile. I am not sure what I will do comoe Nov, but Obama seems to be a much needed breath of fresh air. I do hope that this post is ignored by all but Dean, I’m worthless at tiltin’

    • dean

      Carol…I’m voting for Obama in the primary and hoping he gets the nomination, but would have NO PROBLEM supporting Senator Clinton over Senator McCain. He can wiggle all he wants, but I take “bomb bomb bomb Iran” very seriously.

      • cc

        The inability to distinguish between reality and humor must be quite a burden to bear.

        • dean

          Yes….that’s me…humorless about starting another war when we are currently bogged down in 2, at a cost of 12 BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH with no end in sight, have a worn out military, and a presidential candidate who was a key advocate of the Iraq war agitates for a new one. Not funny at all. Where did my humor go?


    Open primaries was a bad idea to begin with! The DNC has had no qualms about trying to influence the GOP primaries, the GOP should return the favor, the resulting quagmire will encourage the 2 parties to stop the open primary mistake.

  • Pat Ryan

    It’s barely possible that a few readers here are actually interested in the FACTS regarding voter fraud. When I wanna know what’s actually going on, I have to look at the possible negatives on a story I desperatly wish to believe. So here’s the allegation followed by two links to counter arguments about a fake org, ginned up by Rove and then rolled up two years later, the ACVR:

    *The democrats love messing with votes (, and Republicans usually do nothing.*

    Of course if you are only interested in believing what you believe, do not do additional research. That way lies sanity.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Look, considering the kind of BS Democrats have pulled over the years, I hardly think Republicans voting in their primary is at all out of the question on moral or other grounds. I mean come on its a little ridiculous when you consider how in the tank MSM has been, the fact that every liberal church seems to be able to politic with impunity and Democrats have been pulling the switching voter registration crap for years, openly, and being called clever for doing so.

    Oh wait, but now, now that Rush advocates it all of a sudden everyone gets a case of “deep areas of concern”?

    Could everyone please try and remember what happened with the Republican primary? Can we all take a pause and remember just a little how the hell we wound up with McCain?

    Gee, who votes in primaries? The party base.

    Gee, what is the Republican party base most upset about with Bush? Not holding to conservative values.

    Gee, do you think that base all of a sudden thought they just had to have more RINO when they voted in the primary and that’s how we got McCain? I mean golly gee, the base sure is noted for hating tax cuts and wanting weaker border enforcement.

    Isn’t every Republican you meet just all joyous over McCain? I know I certainly felt let getting all dressed in traditional garb and doing a little jig with drum and fife when I heard it.

    You think Republicans elected McCain?

    Talk about a single bullet theory.

    Oh hey, wait a second, what ever happened to Romney?

    Oh yeah, that’s right, he was a Mormon. He was guilty by association because his wacky church didn’t have black members in the 70’s or some such idiocy. Yeah, wow, cant have that, I mean a Mormon, nope, no baby eaters in the White House for me. Woops sorry, did I say that? I just have “deep areas of concern”.

    Oh wait a second though, I guess its ok to have a guy who goes to a church now, not in the 70’s, in the 2000’s that’s all about “God Damn America….. whitey……whitey…..whitey” and who just kind of missed all that stuff for twenty years and I guess its all ok because his grandmother was white somehow that all cancels out because a white racist grandmother cancels out a black racist minister kind of like some sort of white black racist Star Trek antimatter engine. Yeah sure, that makes sense.

    Is anyone else out there doing the math on this?

    Just remember, Obama and Hill are of the same cloth on policy domestically. The difference is, Obama will get some of what he wants if elected, the press loves him. Hill will get zero since the primary and perhaps sole strand in her DNA chain seems to be whatever amino acids combine to form the “I piss off all humans” gene.

    Hill in ’08 – Its about gridlock baby!

  • DaveMac

    Crossover voting? Isn’t it patently obvious that wealthy Dems and GOP are promoting Obama knowing full well it’s the only chance to elect McCain regardless of who is selected for VP? All they want is four more years of spendaholic Bush League Economics! These folks have no intention of voting for Obama in the election!
    Wife and I (registered Republicans) are ready to vote Democratic but not for Obama!

    • dean

      Rupert….its probably true McCain is farther from the “Republican base,” whatever that may be, as any of the other candidates yo had to choose from. But Romney’s troubles were not simply his religion. He was, as one journalist wrote, “the Platonic ideal of inauthenticity.” He was a candidate who semed willing to shift any position to appeal to the audience of the moment. McCain, for all his faults, has done less shape shifting over the years, and has a long record for people to draw upon.

      As for Obama and his church, you are like a dog with a new bone on this one. How many REverend Wright videos are out there circulating with him saying things you (and Obama) don’t like? Maybe 3 or 4? And how many years was he pastor of that church? 25? And what was the focus of that church for all those years? Was it rioting in the streets? Beating up whitey? Looting?

      Or was it community service, caring for the poor, promiting better education, adn so forth?

      Vote for Obama or not based on his politics and hsw abilities. Same for McCain or Clinton. You want perpetual war in the Middle East, perpetually expanding budget deficits, and ignorance/neglect of domestic economics and social issues vote McCain. If you want a backing down of the war, a better balanced budget, wider access to health care, and a grounded and interventionist approach to national economics vote Obama or Clinton.

      If you want to vote for one pastor or another, you can pick Reverend Hagee who hates Catholics, Mormons and Muslims (McCain) or Reverend Wright who has a problem with white people (Obama).

      • carol

        There you go Dean, tilting at windmills again!! You cleared up one question for me, that’s for sure, by telling me that it was 3-4 tapes out there depicting the REverend Mr. Wright. I have been told by my friends over the mountain, that there were at least 20-30. I only saw three, but I saw them over and over. I can understand why Whitey is so frightened, my departed father-in-law was a ‘southern gentleman’. He saw nothing wrong with the situation there. Now given the fact that a man of color has a chance at the presidency, just think of the power, the chance to ‘GET EVEN’ Scares y’all, don’t it?

        • dean

          Carol…I can’t swear to 3 or 4, but all I read seems to reference the same few passages so I doubt it is 20 or 30, at least in terms of clips with quotable quotes.

          Yes…the concept of a dark skinned man running the show, his wife and kids having the run of the place….who would have thought it even possible?

          But rest assured everything underhanded possible will be done to put this uppity fellow back in his proper place. The Wright videos are just a preliminary skirmish in what will be a long campaign to scare the hard workin white folk. The heavy artilery comes out after the nomination, and John McCain will be untarnished (who me?), waltzing his way towards 4 more years of unecessary foreign war and unconsionable domestic neglect.

          • carol

            O my God! Lend me your lance, your dented armor, and your spavined horse. Never mind the spavined horse, I have one. There are lots of wind-mills out there, let’s go.

          • dean

            Raised in Chicago…horses scare the tar out of me, especially spavined ones, so I’ll ride my aging hybrid bike. A lance would thus be problematic, but I can yell stuff and act mean while you poke.

            Since windmills, or wind turbines are now our very tall friends (in the right locations,) can we find something else to tilt at? Oil derricks maybe? The odd Hummer? A WallMart perhaps?

          • carol

            Ok, I’ll be brave here, as opposed to my normal aurileon tinge. Let’s tilt at wing-nuts, of the left variety. Can I keep my horse, you’ll hafta ride real slow, ’cause he’s spavined.

          • dean

            Which left-wing nuts do you have in mind? Me?

  • carol

    Oh Jeez, I AM getting old! I meant the right variety.

    • dean

      I’m okay either way. I once nearly tossed a left-wingnut over the railing of a high deck right into his “sustainably managed forest” after he got in my face once too often with one of his capitalist world control conspiracy theories and had the nerve to tell me how to teach the students who had come there for my field class.

      Of course…that was in my younger days when I maybe could have actually picked him up and given him a toss. Sigh.

  • Rahul
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