Best lines during Jeff Merkley – Steve Novick debate

As noted in the Oregonian:

Merkley read a statement by Novick in which he called Bono “the most hypocritical human on the face of the Earth.” “Do you stand by that statement?” Merkley asked. “Bono is a tax evader,” Novick replied. “His band stashes their money in tax shelters in the Netherlands” while supporting tax-subsidized debt relief for Third World nations. “I think that’s hypocritical.” “The most hypocritical human on the face of the Earth?” Merkley asked, incredulously. “Yes!” Novick exclaimed.

As noted in the Portland Tribune

“[Novick] acknowledged it may be time to stop playing the underdog card, given recent poll results in his favor. “I still like to call myself the underdog, but it’s getting harder and harder to get away with that,” Novick said….”And I am a little guy,” said Novick, 4-foot-8 inches tall and standing atop a raised platform behind his podium. Novick highlighted some of the few major policy differences between the two, noting that he supports lifting the income cap on Social Security taxes and raising the capital gains tax on investments. “I think people making $1 million a year should pay taxes on all their income,” he said. Novick also criticized Merkley for supporting a bill before the Legislature in February that requires immigrants to prove their legal presence in the country before getting or renewing driver’s licenses.