Lars Larson on Marine Reserves

Let’s take a second look at those so-called “Marine Reserves” that Governor Ted Kulongonski is so crazy about off the Oregon coast.

You know those marine reserves have been under discussion for a long, long time. If you’ve never heard about them it’s because it’s one of those subjects that generally makes people’s eyes glaze over. Unless, of course, if you happen to be a fisherman or run a business on the Oregon coast.

Marine reserves are, in effect, taking the idea of wilderness and putting it into the ocean off of Oregon. It is a bad idea. It sets out limits where you can’t fish. You can’t even run a boat through these areas.

Well, that’s going to kill business on the Oregon coast. It’s going to further erode the economic vitality of an awful lot of coast communities that are just barely able to survive right now. The governor wants to push ahead with them, effectively making wilderness out of the ocean off of Oregon. It is going to hurt fishermen. It’s going to hurt families. It’s going to hurt communities.

Nine state lawmakers have said to the governor, “Let’s take some more time before we do this deal.” The governor ought to listen to them.

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  • Sybella

    He can’t listen, he is so sure he’s on the right track or else the unions have him so snug in their pockets. The man is stupid. He has no business heading up a state.

  • dean

    Marine reserves are not “wilderness areas.” they are more like seed beds for the rest of the fishing grounds. Fishing is not simply harvest. Bottom trawling also damages habitat. In other places where marine reserves have been tried they are increasing the numbers of commercial fish availalble for harvest outside the reserves.

    Over fishing and habitat damage are the primary causes of the economic decline of the coast. Leaving some areas undisturbed allows populations a refuge from which to rebuild. This is not at all like terrestrial wilderness areas, which for the most part were established to protect high quality scenery, not habitat.

    It is in the long term interest of fishermen and women to support a well planned marine reserve system to prevent a continued “tragedy of the commons.” But it will have short term impacts to their livelihood. That is the issue that has to be addressed through constructive dialogue, not misinformation and scare tactics.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I know. More government control of our lives. Just what we want and need.

      • dean

        You prefer a completely unregulated harvest of fish?

        • Anonymous

          Yes I do.

  • Jerry

    Ted is the one using scare tactics. If he is so right so much of the time why is he in hiding??? No press confereces, no appearances, no nothing.
    This guy is invisible down there hiding in his little office.
    What a cipher.

    • dean

      Jerry…the issue is not Kulongowski. It is what is the best public policy to conserve ocean fisheries.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I do.

  • Jerry

    But the issue is Ted. Due to his complete lack of leadership the reason we are even considering this drastic action is his inability to deal with the fisheries in the first place.
    He is, without a doubt, one of the worst governors in Oregon history. I would hide, too, with a record like his.

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